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Spring 2017 Trends for Every Lady – Part 2

Last week, we were talking of some of the amazing trends of spring 2017. This is that time of the year, when you want to know the best of runway ideas and translate them into something that would match your personal style statements. In the last post, we have already talked of some of the good ideas, and taking it ahead, here are some of the other noteworthy trends that you surely need to try next year.

Back with bralettes

Back with bralettes: Bralettes were a major takeaway from spring 2017 runways, and there were all kinds of ideas. Apart from using bralettes as normal clothes, there were designers who made headlines by playing with wrap-around styles, leather elements and even retro style. Basically, you can give swimwear some rest and play with these amazing cuts and designs in bralettes and make them more like essentials of everyday. Some of the designers that you would want to check for this style include Alexander McQueen, Altuzarra, Miu Miu and Céline.

Think pink

Think pink: Well, it was just in fall that we had those amazing pink shades that ruled almost all of the leading collections. Of course, none of it would have been complete without the brighter tones. For spring 2017, all you will see are bright fuchsia tones that have statement of their own. From simple dresses to tops and gowns, there was something for every girl in fuchsia and tones that were inspired from it. Some of the leading names that you can check for this one include Bottega Veneta, Hermès, Topshop and Balenciaga. Nothing beats a pink fuchsia top and a pencil skirt on a pair of high stilettos.

Everyone loves Tulle

Everyone loves Tulle: Girls often want to feel that they are going to the ball or having the life of a princess. To make that happen, designers have worked with tulle in the most flattering forms, creating designs that aren’t over the top and yet there is a lot to like and love. Tulle is feminine, and you don’t have to try a lot of things to make this work because it works like an individual style statement. The looks were largely amazing at Rochas, Dior and Molly Goddard. Don’t be hesitant to play with colours because the more you dare, the better it gets.

Smaller but better

Smaller but better: We are likely to do a complete series on accessories, but we couldn’t just miss this trend. Basically, many designers went for a mini version of your favourite handbags, making it much suaver in many ways. Some were extremely cute whereas others were too chic to appeal to anyone. Some of the bags, as seen at Valentino, were so small that you can hardly keep the spare change or your phone. Of course, this is a trend that needs a lot of style effort because you don’t really have the space or idea to think of practicality!

If you loved what you read, please keep an eye on this space more. Spring 2017 has just begun!

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