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Spring 2017 Makeup Trend Guide – Part 1

We have done a lot of posts on spring trends so far, and it is probably time to look beyond clothes, shoes and accessories. This post is going to be about spring 2017 makeup trends. At the end of the day, you want your makeup to be as flawless as the entire getup, and no matter how many Holy Grail products you have, there is no limit to the extent of experimentation with makeup. In this post, we will guide you through the most striking makeup trends of the season, along with a few tips on how you create the perfect looks with these runway ideas. Let’s get started.

Blush me now

Blush me now! Blushes were one of the most used products for spring 2017, and there was no hint of subtlety there. In fact, most designers and shows had blushes in extreme. From the cheeky pink shades to the shades of sunset, blushes were used to the maximum effect. Blushes were also used beyond the apple of the cheeks, often extending to the temple. If you are someone who loves the coloured cheeks, this trend allows you to explore beyond the comfort zone, and you can work with the idea for almost any look of the season. Apart from the peachy pink shades, do take a shot at more reddish blushes and steer clear of the cinnamon colours.

Bold is the new cool

Bold is the new cool! Summer lip shades are always about colours, more in the pink and red family but with louder undertones. If you are fond of amazing lip shades, don’t miss on the bright shades that were seen in almost every show in all fashion weeks. Again, there is no touch of subtlety here. You can try almost anything, right from a bright red to a neon pink, and there is no need to match anything, as long as the lip colour is done right. In terms of finishes, there were both matte and semi-matte finishes, and some designers also used the bold gold hint for certain looks. For those who don’t like dry lips, satin finishes are pretty good too.

Highlighting like a pro

Highlighting like a pro! Glowing skin always makes an impact, and makeup artists know that thing! Spring 2017 had a lot of classy highlighted look, which worked big time for major shows. You probably need to get a few shades of shimmer bricks and liquid highlighters to get this look. Instead of going for pure matte foundations, choose illuminating primers and a dewy foundation. You can also mix a little of highlighter liquid with the regular foundation for that natural finish. Make sure to blend shimmer highlighters well, or else, the look can be clunky. You would want to go over the top with the idea, which is perfect, as long as the blending is done right.

Hope you found the post useful. For the next, we will work around more spring 2017 makeup trends, so don’t miss on checking this space for more. Till then, stay in style always!

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