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Smart Ways to Wear the Short Skirt in Style – Part 1

The miniskirt is more like that item that you would want to wear time and again. Most girls consider the short skirt as an essential, and there are many ways to experiment with the same. We have done quite a few posts on trends and runway reports, and this time, we want to go to the basics. We will talk of some of the really cool ways to wear the smart miniskirt with a few hints on how you can renovate on this element and get some experimentation in place. Check these fast forward ideas for fun detailing.

Right in the formal way

Right in the formal way: A three-piece outfit tailored for your needs is the right way to get started. The mini version of your regular formal look can be quite a stunner in more ways than one, but again, this is something you don’t want to look cheap. So, the idea is to invest in quality stuff that will last for at least a few seasons. Make sure that you check with your local boutique for the styles, but for the material, the higher you pay, the more sophisticated look you get. For the legs, add a nice pair of pumps, preferably in good nude shade.

With a chunky top

With a chunky top: A chunky top works well with a nice flaunting short skirt, so that’s a good way to balance the skin show. You don’t need to try very hard for a cool spring look or an early fall look. Make sure that you pick prints with a monochromatic coloured skirt, so that the right sync is in place. Matching is not always needed, but if you remember the spring summer trend of 2015, black and white or black and blue is quite an option. For the girls out at college, that’s a look worthy within budget.

Match with a striped top

Match with a striped top: An easy striped top should be the ideal summer thing for a short skirt look. Try and aim for a simple and effortless look, with the right use of shades. A black skirt with a striped design for the tee should be ideal, and if you love colours and want to experiment, try a statement necklace or a chunky bracelet to create the right look. Stripped patterns have a charm of their own, so don’t try to go overboard on the basic accessories.

Design with a moto jacket

Design with a moto jacket: A leather jacket can make for a wonderful pairing for a cool denim or funky short skirt. Leather is not something that many of us support, but the faux options are quite great to be precise. Just try for the black leather options, which work with most of the skirt styles and designs. Moto jackets are best purchased online, and if you check a few online stores, the faux leather ones are quite in budget and there are styles between boho and simple to choose from.

In the next part, we will talk of more things with the short skirt and ways of styling.

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