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Smart Ways to Show Your Body in Winter

Winters are boring for the fact that out fashion choices don’t let us do ample with the amazing figure. While showing skin strategically is an art, the same gets a tad tougher for the winters. We found many readers are browsing trends, but often they fear showing their legs in the snow considering what the fashion police may say. We surely cannot bare it all for the season, but some basic ideas can go places. Here are the top ways to show skin during the fall and winter with items that can change the game.

Add a sweater dressAdd a sweater dress: Sweater dresses are for one and all. You are likely to find one at the departmental store and there are even big designers who can bring different kinds of fabrics for offering different levels of warmth and style. Check the online stores to find sweater dresses that come with slits on the sides that let you show your legs aesthetically with the right style quotient. As for the colours, you can go by the trends of stick to black or blue as the safe option of the lot.

Invest in a knit dressInvest in a knit dress: Skip too many items and the concept of layering for a while. There are knit dresses that are worth a million when you wear them right. The idea is to balance the fit and the skin show. Either you can show the skin effectively with a dress that’s slightly baggy or you can go for the complete fit and skip the slits on the sides- the choice is yours. Ideally, a knit dress should be present in every closet, no matter where you wear.
Go for an oversized winter outfitGo for an oversized winter outfit: A dress that’s roomier than the best fit you have can be a good bet for the winters in general. The oversized appeal is very classy in many ways, and when you team the right pair of glares and a handbag, the subtlety in showing the legs comes easily. The thought is not to go too short with the length. You can choose to buy an item with side slits or you can choose a short dress that is paired well with a pair of boots that reaches the ankle or the calf, depending on the length.

Choose a turtleneckChoose a turtleneck: Nothing beats the turtleneck, which has come to the forefront in recent seasons. The turtleneck has an amazing tendency to take the glare away from the rest of the body, so even if you are showing your legs, you can be assured of not overdoing it. There are all kinds of colours in such designs, and if you are wearing a top, make sure the skirt isn’t in too much of contrast. Also, there are designer turtleneck dresses that you will find in many stores at decent prices, and one item can be worn in a number of ways.

Get going with the skin show because when you can dare to bare with essence, no one can get it wrong!

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