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Smart Ways to Look Slimmer and Better! – Part 1

Looking slimmer is an art of using many things to merit, and a true fashionista should know how to get the looks right. No, we aren’t talking of the ways to shed the pounds with clothing because that practically isn’t quite possible. However, what you can achieve is the amazing looks by visual slimming. Here are some smart hacks that every fashion loving girl should know about.

Go for the blue and black look

Go for the blue and black look: You have heard it many times – Blue is the new black! Yes, if you love mixing colours, matching blue with black can help you lengthen the silhouette and look stunning in the summers. Don’t bother about dark colours this season, because if you remember the spring 2015 trends, there has been ample focus on dark tones, as much as the light shades like yellow.

Add the belt

Add the belt: Blazers and coats always tend to take away the shape of the waist area, and you can show that off for a slimmer look by simply adding a belt. Obi and kimono inspired belts were used extensively on the spring runways this year, but as a matter of choice, you can well move to the old school slim belt. The belt breaks the flow of the look in a nice decent way and allows you to show your figure in a decent and convincing way.

Go high waist

Go high waist: High waist pants have been among the best trends to return from the past, and if you choose the right pair, it is like an instant lift. Try looking for designs that are effective and more versatile, and one coloured pants in white or black is like one of the must have items. You can never miss anything like this when you pair the same with a nice blouse or a cropped top, showing off the mid riff in a cool summery way.

Plan your cuts

Plan your cuts: Cut-out dresses are a big hit on the runways of 2015, and we have seen some insanely creative pieces. Strategic cut-out designs can accentuate and add to your figure in more ways than one, and for that, you need to balance the skin show and ensure that the cuts flatter the right parts of the body. That way, you can look slimmer, better and more stylish without forgoing the comfort.

Plunge the neckline

Plunge the neckline: V-neck and plunging necklines and backlines are quite cool ways to look slimmer. Thanks to the cut, you can actually look more ravishing, and it tends to take away the glares from the waist if that happens to be your problem area. Again, balance is the key here because you don’t want a cleavage show, but with some essence and creative cuts, you can look ravishing by the night, especially when you are heading to a party. For some ideas, you can check with celeb dresses both on and off the red carpets that have the amazing trimming effect.

It is more about slimming with visuals in the next part of this series!

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