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Smart Ways to Carry Off the Leopard Print in Style! – Part 1

Talk of fashion classics that repeat in new styles, there is the leopard print that every woman out there would rave about. Essentially, the leopard print takes its cues from the fierce animal, but yes, over the years, there have been some real colour options that are nowhere close in colour and experiment with print. With many fashionistas looking for cool ways to carry off their animal print love, we decided to have a series on the same. Here is the first set of smart styles at a glance.

Leopard Flats

Save the look for a touch! – This is something can many ladies vouch for! The idea is to have a hint of the leopard print instead of splashing the print. For the idea to work, you need to a pair of shoes, or a handbag, that has the style quotient to be teamed up with regular formal clothing for a quick style fix. For ladies who like black and white combo at work, a leopard print handbag or pair of flats can be the right highlight!

Leopard Dress

Get that leopard dress or outfit – One thing is for sure- leopard print dresses do make a statement every time you pick a colour or stick to the old school. However, not every girl out there is happy about just a flowing dress that doesn’t do much in terms of creating a style. This is where the right choice of accessories can change the game. Pick a shrug/jacket or even a pair of blocked coloured shoes to give some neutral tones to the print. Black is one colour that always works, but yes, do check for other shades, especially if you are using the print in different colour combinations.

Leopard Tee

Keep things casual with a tee – If nothing else seems okay for your statement of style, the idea is to have a leopard print tee or t-shirt that can be paired with anything under the sun. Especially when you are wearing black trousers, shorts or even coloured chinos, the leopard print tee can do wonders in giving a style check. The good part is leopard tees can be found for the lowest prices everywhere, starting from the online shopping stores to the street markets.

Leopard Trousers

Go with a pair of those edgy and happening trousers – This is one trend for ladies who are ready to take chances and make their own statements with every look! Get a pair of slim fit trousers in the leopard print. Although there are all colours in the same print, the original shade works in the best form for its colour balance. Add a jacket and keep the other things neutral and in block shades for a smooth but edgy appeal. A black leather jacket or even a body hugging sweater in a block colour, especially black or white, can work wonders and bring poise even for formal outings.

In our next part on leopard print, we will check of some more unconventional ideas. Keep an eye on this space for more!





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