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Smart Girl Hacks to Look Slimmer and Chic- Part 2

In the last post, we had talked of how you can use a few fashion hacks to look slimmer and better. Taking the same series, we focus on other things that can help you. Before that, let’s begin with understanding how a style idea translates into a great look. First and foremost, you need to balance the main aspect of the look. Too many things within the same look can make the entire concept go wrong because the attention goes on too many things, adding to the confusion in visual appeal. On that note, here are some great ways to trim your body silhouette the right way.

Start with fitter dresses

Start with fitter dresses: Dresses that are summer perfect include the ones that come with a slimmed down upper coupled with a flared lower part. This is the best way to get the shape for the body, especially when you are not keen on the plunging necklines and showing skin with cut-out dresses as we mentioned in the last post. There are prints worth trying in this, but it is better if you can check for the more stylish monochromatic and single colour choices, which tend to add more feel to the look. Remember we mentioned how yellow is the spring colour for 2015? May be, you want to try that!

The long coat is back

The long coat is back: If you want to look leaner and thinner, the long coat is your best friend. After all, even in the spring rains, you want something that can be an add-on! In 2015, kimono inspired pieces have been seen all over the runways for the spring, and when you run out of trench coat designs, there is plenty to get from the summer collections. For a more thinning effect, you can also add a belt, which was another notable statement from the best designer collections.

Staying with the single colour palette

Staying with the single colour palette: Monochromatic colours and palettes have two benefits for any look. First and foremost, you can get that one colour feel, which tends to lengthen the silhouette visually by many bounds. There is plenty to experiment with, and you can opt for one colour palette if you don’t want to stick to just one single shade. Secondly, monochromatic styles are safe in the best sense, because unlike prints where things can go wrong, there is anything hugely risky here. Just go with the flow and keep the highlighting accessories in check.

Go vertical with stripes

Go vertical with stripes: Well, this can be the most cliché thing on the entire list, but vertical stripes do make anyone look lean, and even two different stripes for the same look can be an interesting thing.  Make sure to experiment with the colours, and if you want to follow the 2015 trends, you can try the mix of white and black or white and blue- both being the best mixes to come from the runways. Create formal looks with skirts and shirts, while you can go for the complete pant suit too with the same ease.

Happy styling!

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