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Six Timeless Styling Tips for All Ages

Fashion trends come and fade every season, while we try to match our wardrobe to the things that our designers choose for us. When it comes to styling, we all look for what our celebs have been portraying or the trends that have been ruling the ramp. Fortunately, you may come across certain styles and trends that exist forever. These timeless style picks are those that pay a visit every other season, and that’s the reason we have collected the style items that can let you be yourself without being a victim to the fashion trends.

  • Mono-chromatic colored dresses: While there are times when you would like to get completely colorful, but getting a few monochromatic dresses or shades in your wardrobe is a must. You can choose the much hyped little black dress or can even choose something in single colors such as pinks, purples, blues and greens. One color and you are ready to go!
  • Mixed accessories: When you are dressing for formal occasions, there are no ways that you can wear mix accessories, but the story is different from casual handouts. We advise that you buy all kinds of traditional and funky accessories and mix them for all seasons. You will find that you don’t actually have a reason to follow the trends.
  • Flattering necklines: It is obvious that collars and round necks are always in fashion, but when it comes to bringing attention to your face and features, you need plunging necklines, V-neck outfits and other styles of flattering necklines. V neck outfits offer you the option to show your cleavage to an extent you want, and at the same time, you can bring attention to the beauty bone and the face features.

  • Few moving clothes: There are times when you would like to get out of those body hugging dresses and wear something that’s lets you move freely, and it’s essential you get a few such items in your wardrobe. Look for clothes that let you breathe and are designed from quality fabrics for ensuring your level of comfort.
  • A few traditional items: Ethnic items are always on the move, and no matter where you go, you need to buy a few items that are local to the place. Whether it’s an ethnic Indian sari or a Japanese Kimono, traditional items are always in fashion. You just need to see that you choose the right kind of style and wear them in the right occasions.
  • Stilettos, boots and wedges: If you are the modern girl, you need to be comfortable wearing those 5inch stilettos and the height flattering wedges. Also, you need to have a nice pair of leather and suede boots with you. Ensure that you keep all the three items in some basic colors, so that you can mix and match.

These are six timeless classics that you need to follow and keep in mind for every season. Fashion trends may change, but having a timeless classic wardrobe will help you stay tuned with the wardrobe.


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