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Short Shorts in Style- Glamour for Your Spring- Part 2

In our first post on the series, we had talked about the great ways to make the short shorts look more stylish, without making it all about skin show. Taking the same series ahead, we check some more ideas to style your favourite pair of extreme short shorts with essence and glamour.

With a short brimmed hat

With a short brimmed hat: Short brimmed hats are always fun when added to the right pair of short shorts. The look that you get a tomboyish one offers oodles of style on a single go. Just add your favourite blazer or a jacket, and you can be a spring lady like never before. After all, there are days when girls too want to look like a man! Go ahead and have your take on the boyish appeal.

With a tied up sweater

With a tied up sweater: If you don’t have a pair of leather short shorts in the closet, it is time to buy one. Get more with classic sweaters that are tied around the waist, much like in the way we would do at school. The tied up sweater, short shorts in leather and a button down blouse makes for a perfect combination that is easy to love and effortless to achieve for the freshest season of the year.

For a special blouse

For a special blouse: For days when you want to be feminine, stylish and naturally cool, take your short shorts and pair it with a nice blouse with a good neckline for that quick appeal. The blouse can be anything from a button down design to something with some elements of studs- anything that fits your bill. Make sure to look for soft colours, and if you own a few pastel tops from the last year’s spring time, it might just work with ease.

Stun with a lace top

Stun with a lace top: If you really want the girl-like look, the best choice is to go for a lace top. The only thing that you might to focus a little more is the need for a nice lace design from a known brand, given that cheap lace products look shabby. The alternate choice is to go for a crochet design that has all the different designs that offer a variety to choose from, and you can find something easy on the pocket, as well.

With a long sleeved top

With a long sleeved top: When your legs are for all to see and glance, you might want to bring down the skin show element for the hands. As such, a nice long sleeved top might just fit the bill. Look for designs that are in dark shades for that trimming effect. As for the detailing, you can choose to limit the same, because the short shorts are eye catchy in many ways and with a long sleeved design can only make way for more appeal.

Take ideas from this series, and we hope you never shy away from short shorts, which should ideally be the part of every girl’s closet. Get started with your fashion call right now!

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