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Revisiting Best Handbag Trends from New York Fashion Week

No fashionista can ever have enough of handbags and shoes. Given the passion we share for handbags, this is the perfect time to talk of the handbag trends for fall 2016 from New York Fashion Week, especially when spring 2017 collections are probably waiting to be revealed. Let’s get started.

Graphic bags

Graphic bags: There is something about graphic bags that is so amazing. Graphic designs that almost match the outfit or dress are worthy enough to be stored for all seasons, and therefore, if you are someone who sees handbags as an investment, this can be quite a good choice. On the downside, such handbags are only match worthy to certain outfits, so you might have to spend a tad more.

Circular love

Circular love: Circle and round bags were seen in 2015, as well, and this time, these bags are back for the fall. From simple sling designs to more unique options like clutches and coin purses, there is a lot to try. What is even great is the fact that you don’t need to invest in high end options all the time. Most of the online stores have designer handbags in circular shapes that make an instant impression. You can wear one with your regular denims and tee, or simply keep it as a matching item for the parties – The choice is yours.

Fringe benefits

Fringe benefits: Well, fringe handbags have returned to the runway time and again, and this time, it is all about playing the minimal way. Fringe works greatly on almost anything – shoes, handbags and outfits, but if you are someone who loves to play things simple, a little fringe detailing can go a long way in creating the perfect look. Make sure that you check for simpler designs in monotone colours, which look amazing when matched with almost anything. Blue, black, white and red are your best colours for an easier look for each day of the week.

Go the reptile way

Go the reptile way: A lot of designers also worked with snake-inspired handbag prints for fall 2016, and it is a great idea to experiment with. Of course, we have never promoted leather on our blog, simply because of the concerns we have for animals, but the print can be yours by all means. You don’t need genuine leather when the faux options are so good and happening. The idea is to keep such handbags as one of the classics in the closet, because you can be assured these aren’t going anywhere.

mini bags

Finally, it would be unfair to not mention smaller and mini bags that made a big statement on the runways. Basically, your favourite styles of handbags are a tad smaller this time, and you can experiment with as many styles and colours as you like. These handbags are easy to take anywhere, and if you love traveling with just a few things, these are very practical too.

Hope you liked this post, and for more fashion and style updates from the world of glamour and styling, keep an eye on this space.

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