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Reviewing Armani Privé and Atelier Versace Couture Spring 2015

There is something elite and class about couture, which makes most girls go crazy. While many of us don’t really buy the couture from the designers, thanks to the big price labels, we do tend to get inspired to get something similar for prom nights, parties, special events and much more.

That brings us to the Haute Couture Spring 2015 Shows, which have been offering some great new collections for everyone to check. Let’s not ruin the couture style by going for trends; instead we are taking ideas from what the top designers had to say for the red carpet season. After all, we expect to see some of these at the Academy Awards and other big events of the year.

In love with Armani Privé

In love with Armani Privé

Our first coverage goes straight to Armani Privé with the designer completing 10 years in spring couture. This time, the inspirations are real, and we have to thank Georgio Armani to actually give us not one but 68 different looks worth vouching for.

Moving to his choice of influence- Asian will be proud with this, but he has actually taken bamboo as his muse for the big collection. Delicate designing that changed from one look to another, Armani makes us drool over his amazing fascination at such a ripe age. So, we had some bamboo print jacket in silk, kimono style jacket with obi belting.

Classic embroidery matched with subtle feminine fabrics made for a stunning combination, and we love the way the colours have been used straight from the nature. The elements in his collection also include sheer and extreme use of jackets, and most of the prints had cues of the bamboo tan and shade of the leaves, giving it a really influenced and thoughtful appeal. His haute couture doesn’t overdo the couture elements, but these are looks you want to preserve for the special night.

Being the girl with Atelier Versace

Being the girl with Atelier Versace

Talk of the red carpet looks this season, and you must have found Donatella Versace collections everywhere. Everyone from Kate Hudson to Jessica Chastain had her collections on the go, which gives us a few more reasons to check the Atelier Versace Couture Spring 2015 collection. With the Oscars and Grammy Awards in the upcoming days, we would love to see more celebs wear her collection.

Coming to the highlights, Donatella Versace was simply inspired to show the feminine side in her entire collections. Playing with the curves, the collection of Versace was awesome to say the least, with body hugging outfits showing off skin in the right proportion with no straight lines whatsoever.

The colour palette was fantastic, so we had black to show the dark curves, royal blue aimed at the red carpet, red for the ladylike elements and white to make things casual. The cuts and fabrics played the main elements for styling, and we have to agree that this has been the best 2015 couture collection so far by all means.

Check the complete series for more collections.

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