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Refined and Classy Ways to Style with See-Through Clothing

Many of the spring summer collections of 2014 have been about boldness and unique styles, and no wonders, many women are wondering on how to get started. Sheer clothing, or better called see-through clothing commonly, is certainly not something for the meek hearted. You need to have the unique ideas to carry off the style and must have the idea of that thin line that separates class and vulgarity. Keeping in line with see-through clothing, which remains among the hottest trends of spring summer 2014, here’s a guide to style right.

 Stay in class with lace

Stay in class with lace: One of the best and easy ways to adopt the sheer style is to pick tops and dresses in lace. Heavy lace dresses can look in themselves in sheer style, and if the graphics are placed right, you will not need to wear anything underneath, except for thongs. Alternatively, lace can also be a good choice when you want to wear spaghetti underneath. Lace dresses and tops look good when the material is rightly heavy, but for the light ones, you need to be wary with what you wear below.

Easy synthetic sheer tops

Easy synthetic sheer tops: Tops in sheer style work with pants, wide legged trousers, pencil skirts and denims with equal ease, but what you may need to add is a camisole. A bikini might not be a bad idea at the end of the day, but again, there is the thing called attitude that’s as important as what you pick. Also, keep an eye on the occasion because you don’t want to end up being raunchy for cocktail party at office (take that as an example).

A hint of see-through

A hint of see-through: See-through doesn’t always mean reveal it all, but it’s an act of being smart. You can pick a dress or top that comes with sheer material for certain part. If you are not comfortable with backless dresses and tops, look for the ones that are designed with sheer material on the back. The see-through style can also work for dresses where the tummy area is up for show or for the sleeves to let the skinny hands flaunt.

Dresses with sheer bottoms

Dresses with sheer bottoms: Not many of the women are fond of maxi and long dresses, which tend to take away from the style and essence of those perfect sassy legs. The right idea is to look for long outfits, where the sheer side is on the bottom. The dress can cover you till or above the knee, where for the rest of the legs, it’s all left to guessing. Check some of the online stores, and you are most likely to find something.

Black Sheer topFor the sake of party: If nothing else, see-through clothing with little sensibility can be good enough for the party scene. While for the day times, white and pastel colours are good options, you can opt for black at night, which tends to give a lot of drama to the things you wear underneath. Block camisole or bikini with a black sheer top hugging the body is something to die for sure.

Happy dressing!

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