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Quick Ways to Style up Your Maxi Dress!

Many girls would like you to believe that maxi dresses are not versatile and do little to the short-heighted fashionistas. However, as a chic girl, owning one is like owning one of the many fashion essentials. We bring you some of the coolest ways to wear the maxi dress, without flattening the look as most fear about. The only outline is to be at ease because when you are in the comfort zone, it surely shows.

Add ankle boots

Add ankle boots: Maxi dresses need to be styled well, and the key is to keep the look easy on the accessories. Below the waist, the dress might not seem very flattering, so the best thing to add is a nice pair of ankle boots, and you can balance the overall minimalism with great style. Keeping the season in mind, a light coat is all you need!

A well fitted blazer

A well fitted blazer: Blazers stitched to perfection can smooth the look and can be great when you want to layer, which is why it works so well with a maxi dress. Go for a contrast colour for the blazer, and you can get the attention off the lower portion of the body, which is essentially where the most uninspired feel comes from.

Go all white

Go all white: That’s the new age style mantra and it has been seen in some of the most coveted spring 2015 collections. All you need is a nice maxi dress, which is layered with a similar colour coat or blazer, and you can pull off the look with ease. For the most part, keep the accessories in contrast, like your handbag and belt to bring some shaded elements.

Add a belt

Add a belt: Belting your dress is like turning the long silhouette into two sections and making it more like a skirt and a top together. Match it with a feminine blazer, and you can be ready to head to the office or even for a casual day out with the girl gang.

Layer it with a tunic

Layer it with a tunic: Layering is a like an art, mainly because it’s all about matching different elements together. Your maxi dress can go for a complete makeover with a nice tunic, which works best in contrast with the dress colour. Blend the colours well, and if you need more, a blazer should work just fine!

Add an easy tee

Add an easy tee: Tees are simplest way to layer the maxi dress and make it look like a skirt. Unlike the tunic, which can be all loose and easy in terms of comfort, your tee here should be more about snug fit and adequate styling. Keep your hair open and add a statement chain neckpiece for the right feel.

A leather jacket

A leather jacket: Leather can add style to any look, (Yes! Yes! We don’t support it for animal welfare reasons) and when you team it a maxi dress, it is like an instant update for a new fashion statement. Leather jackets can be replaced with faux leather, and for the accessories; keep them minimal!

Happy styling!

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