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Quick Take at General Trends for Spring Summer 2014

Last week we had a lot of words on the kinds of trends that fashion brands and designers wanted us to learn for the upcoming spring and summer season of 2014. However, this week, we take a look at the generalized trends, something that you and I can try. Here’s a close take on the things, statements and styles that you can choose for the season, and yet don’t need to be inclined to any of the brands out there.

Bomber Jackets

Stylish Bomber jackets: Many women consider bomber jackets to be an essential part of the men’s closet. Well, not true for 2014! There are many brands such as Jonathan Saunders seemed to focusing on more new styles of jackets including in materials like silk. There are printed and classic versions to check, so the pick is yours. After all, light jackets are often the wanted things in spring when the breeze is still cold!

Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda shorts: Remember the stylish looks of the Alexander Wang Bermuda shorts in the New York week? If not, here’s a flashback! Take a note of the Bermuda shorts that are more about style than comfort and make a huge comeback for the season. Check the collections of Emilia Wickstead and Jonathan Saunders, who have both worked in different styles, including silk designs and sport tailored ones.

Zing of Yellow

Zing of Yellow: The colour for the upcoming season has to be yellow in all ways. While in the men’s fall trends, mustard yellow seemed to be quite a trend that many considered daring, the same comes with lighter shades for the spring of 2014. Brands that seem to love the zing of yellow include J.W. Anderson, and Burberry!

Chiffon Lining

Chiffon lining: Check for the smart chiffon lining that seemed to be a part of every other brand. From having a light cover on the skirts to the shirt hems, the choices can be seen in Burberry, Marios Schwab, Mulberry, and J.W. Anderson. Check everything from sheer black lining to more unique colour choices in white, cream and beige for that lighter mood, there is enough to get inspired.

Floral Graphics

Floral with graphic motifs: If you have checked the new floral style, you may have checked the graphic trends, and if not, get ready for this new trend. For brands like Mary Katranzou and Mulberry, the choices of floral game with a graphic tones in action. You will love the perfect tones and the balance of the colours, and it isn’t the same way like most of us are used to, in general, for the spring.

Pleated dresses and skirts

Pleated dresses and skirts: The feminine and much lovable pleated looks are back in vogue for the season. You can take on the perfect schoolgirl look with confidence or look for a design that has sparse but stylish pleats. After all, when it comes to trends, girls love to be girly all the time.

What is your favourite trend among all? Write in to us and check this space for more details on upcoming seasons!

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