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Quick Recap of Best Wearable Fall 2016 Shoe Trends

So, we are eagerly waiting for the spring 2017 trends, but we thought this is also the apt time to talk of the fall of this year, given that we might have a few comparisons soon. In this post, we will talk of the most wearable fall 2016 shoe trends at a glance, and as always, we will have a few tips here and there for quick help.

Mules, slides

Mules, slides: One of the common trends for spring and fall this year is mules. From the simple slip-on styles to more sophisticated choices, there is something for everyone. Mules work greatly for any season, given that the comfort level is always in place, and you can play with colours, prints and more. Make sure to check online to find more budget choices for all kinds of slides, especially in block colours. Mules can work wonders for the formal looks, as well, but make sure to strike a balance.

Velvety girl

Velvety girl: The next kind of shoes you want to invest for the fall is velvet shoes. Look for simple stilettos or regular wedges and boots, the choice is yours. The idea is to make the most of the fabric, which has emerged as the favourite material for fall 2016. You can wear velvety shoes for the evenings for casual party looks, and since such shoes keep the attraction on the feet, you might want to use the accessories in the right way.

Love for buckles

Love for buckles: Among the fun trends of the season was the return of buckles. Hardware inspired looks were a major trend on the runways this season, and there is a lot to experiment with. In summers, we had the gladiators that made a big return, but with fall, you will see a lot of hardware, designed and crafted to create quick attention. If you are someone who loves to experiment with shoes frequently, you should check some of the collections to find more stylish ideas, and there is no harm in taking some risk.

High on style

High on style: One of the major loves for the season was knee high boots and shoes that kind of created an instant impact. If you are fond of doing new styles, you would want to play with lace-up designs, overall tight stockings and even the regular high boots. Make sure to play around with colours, and when you are keen on classics, tones of tan and browns are always the best bet. Take your time to browse the right brands, and you will find plenty of classics and experimental ideas.

block heels

By the way, we did miss on the block heels, which were among the stylish ideas for the season. When the flats look boring and the stilettos are too high, block heel designs are always a great choice.

Hope you found your take for fall 2016. We are also eagerly waiting for the summer collections to arrive and we would want to go a comprehensive take on the spring 2017 trends. Keep an eye here!

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