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Quick Flashback of Best Trends from 2014- Part 1

Fashion had some serious good times in 2014, and we loved some of the new things that came on the block. Keeping the fun going, we are reviewing the best trends of the last year. Here’s a take on some of the best things that happened and why you can still continue with them with same enthusiasm.


Deck up with one earring: Many designers and brands played with the idea of one earring last year, and we must admit we loved the trend. You can wear anything from couture to even a regular tee and get a dangler earring for one ear. The trend is easy and we are likely to see the same in more years to come. Thank 2014 for giving us something worthy of a look and really off the rules. Not surprisingly, many designers also took the trend for 2015, so we spotted one earring thing in spring summer collections with different motifs and styles.

Go with one piece outfits

Go with one piece outfits: The classy range of utility one piece outfits have been worthy in many ways, and 2014 showed the same in full blaze. If you think the jumpsuit has been off the ramp, think again as there are many styles that were seen last year. From denim suits to one piece jumpers, the style choices are varied. Kudos to the designers, who also kept the comfort factor going, without trying for too many detailed elements! As we had said earlier, simplicity is the new fashion cool for future!

More and more denims

More and more denims: While 2015 had suede, 2014 was all about frayed denims. There are amazing colours, but we loved the blue shade that was more like going back to the basics. Amazingly fun and great for the casual days when you want limited style and more comfort and utility. Frayed denims are quite stylish to say the least, and if you don’t have the money to invest in the designer denims, go ahead to the online stores, where you can find quite a few decent choices. You can also take a pair of denims and go into the DIY mode.

Feel furry and warm

Feel furry and warm: We have to thank our loved designers to finally bring faux fur in real ways on the runways. Of course, there are numerous reasons not to support fur, but the faux fur designs in 2014 were lovely to say the least. We had trimmed collars, wrists and more in faux fur while there were also many looks where faux fur stoles were ruling the ramp. For those, who have been looking to some good alternatives for fur, the last year had quite a few worthy items to be checked.

Fun with sneakers

Fun with sneakers: We all love sneakers but checking designer sneakers was something we least expected. Chanel and many other brands went ahead to bring the sneakers on the runways, and we loved how the models made the old school design look so chic and glamorous. If you haven’t bought a pair, it’s time for some shopping!

Check part 2 for more!

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