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Quick Check on Spring 2014 Style Trends from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia

Australian fashion is making quite some news in the fashion squares, and given the fact that we haven’t covered Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia, we decided to check the spring range. We have talked a lot on the Spring 2014 style trends from Paris Fashion Week, but the Australia market seems to have a few surprises in store. Here, we have listed some of the best things from the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week held in Australia, where a few new stuffs caught our attention for sure.

White in style

All white in style: One of the best things for spring summer 2014 is the coming of the washout trend in white, which seemed to be a case with most leading designers. We have seen that in our regular fashion weeks, and things were not much different here. We quite dig in the way Alice McCall created the unique white look, but that’s not the only designer to reckon with. Many of the other names stayed true with the trend, although, the changes were evident. Whether it’s the full blown suit for the office or the right layered clothing for the regular spring casual look, this is something worth trying.

Pastels with prints

Pastels with prints: While we have mentioned many times how the pastels are hottest cool this season, the change in the trend in a good way was visible all throughout. Instead of going just in one colour, the choices were in prints, and the designs included some of the more shiny fabrics. The designs start from something more on the soft side, but the prints are quite bizarre. If you are not a fan of monotonous colours, you already know what to pick.

Slogan tees

Get more of the slogan tees: Want to make a difference? The slogan tees are one of the hottest trends to come out of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia, and strangely, it was not designers, but models who invented the trend and took it global. Ollie Henderson made some sensational headlines, start from supporting gay marriages to sexism. If you are looking for designs, start with white tees that come with black slogans, or else, get the white tees in bulk and get them printed in anything that strikes your mind.

Dramatic Prints

Dramatic Prints are back: If you love drama, there is some great inspiration in prints in this fashion week. Some designers worked on 80s theme, others made note of more unique designs that seemed to be inspired yet new. What you want to pick is quite dependent to the extent you are crazy about prints. Pick something in graphic or go totally on the vintage looks. Check online to know of the options, and don’t be shy to experiment with colours and mixes of prints.

On the whole, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia was quite fine, although many of the trends were inspired from other designers of the west. No matter what, we have to agree that the new take on existing trends is worth commending and makes way to take chances with the obvious in a new way. Take your own pick!

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