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Play With Cropped Denims in New Ways- Part 2

Just in the previous post, we had talked of the smart ways to wear the cropped denims. We take the same forward with a few more styles you will love to try, especially when the spring is around and the summers call for some cool quotient.

Play easy at work

Play easy at work: The cropped pants can work well for the workplace, when you are ready to play simple with the colours. Go for a marble cracking pair of pumps in black and match it with black pants and trench coats.  Don’t over accessorize the look and keep it simple. As for the handbag, take any of your sling formal bags or choose the coin purses that have been in vogue for spring summer 2015.

With a collared tunic

With a collared tunic: Everyone loves the tunic because it’s easy to wear, but the item doesn’t go much to the short heighted girls, and that’s where the cropped pair of pants comes to rescue. Wear a collared tunic with a pair of simple denims cropped rightly, and you have a killer look for the office. Again, the accessories should be limited and easy with the workplace in consideration.

Go the metallic look

Go the metallic look: When Lanvin introduced the metallic and shiny trends in spring 2014, everyone believed the look is meant for the nights and parties. That has gone for sure, and today, you can wear a shiny jacket and match it with an easy colour of cropped denim for that stunning feel. Complete the look with a shoulder bag that simply hangs in style and wear pumps or ankle boots for the shoes.

Tear it apart

Tear it apart: The torn cropped denim is perfect for the casual days when you want to make sure that the look is rugged and eye catching. Wear any moto style jacket or a regular graphic tee and complete the look with flat slip-on shoes that creates a boho appeal with ease.

With a blazer

With a blazer: Some days, you just need to ditch the top and use the blazer right on your innerwear and complete the look with cropped pants and simple pointy toe pumps. You can choose a floral, printed or even animal print blazer for this extremely effortless look, and your pants can be in a simple colour, as well.

With belted outerwear

With belted outerwear: The spring summer 2015 trends have been around the belts that are inspired from those judo belts, and you can wear your cropped denims with outerwear belted in the right way. Go for the simple colours like pastels and blues that are simple and work with pants in any colour.

With a V-neck top

With a V-neck top: A v-neck top gives you the perfect way to show the assets in a good way, and if you pair the same with cropped denim, the look gets even without even trying. Complete the look with a pendant neckpiece that has been in vogue for 2015 and a nice circular coin clutch or sling bag in circular design.

Get going with the right look now and complete your cropped pants fancy!

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