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Six Timeless Styling Tips for All Ages

Fashion trends come and fade every season, while we try to match our wardrobe to the things that our designers choose for us. When it comes to styling, we all look for what our

The Most Versatile Accessories for Your Wardrobe

When you are getting ready for that romantic date, an elegant dress is just not enough, unless you have the right range of accessories. Just like fashion in apparels and dresses, the trends in

Best Fall Winter Items to Have in Your Closet

As the fall season makes its way, it’s the time of the year when you search your closet for finding the items that make you look like a glam diva. We have enlisted a

Best Ways to Wear Scarves and Stoles In 2012

Like many others, you may consider that scarves and stoles are insignificant accessories in your wardrobe, but with the right use, you can transform your complete look in a single time. There was a

How To Carry The Peplum Style With Affordable Ease

Peplum is a fashion trend that’s bound to stay for the foreseeable future. While we find many fashion brands infusing the peplum style in their outfits, the style remains on the doubt cards of

Fairytale Shoes for Your Wardrobe from Peeptoe

Celebrity Scarlett Johansson was spotted in a well designed and crafted Dolce & Gabbana gown at 2012 Met Ball event, and what was worth watching was the way the lady carried her girly outfit.

Top 5 2013 Fashion Trends Snoops for Women

As established in the fresh ladies runways, there are some spring themes promising a great and exciting season in a very short time. 1. 1920’s Flapper Everyone knows that the 20’s were a defining moment of

5 prom looks to try this summer

The day you’ve been awaiting for years finally arrives and despite countless times of envisioning the perfect dress, when the dream becomes the reality you’re cut short of ideas. It’s a familiar scenario; somehow

The extravagant heels collection from Mollini

At the Met Ball event, supermodel Coco Rocha was seen in a pant suit. The attire was acquired by her from the auction of Elizabeth Taylor’s wardrobe, and she completed the look with pink

Winter 2012 fashion trends

I realise that the days are still long and that big, round, hot thing is (occasionally) in the sky, but mark my words, winter is coming and you don’t want to be a caught