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Top 5 2013 Fashion Trends Snoops for Women

As established in the fresh ladies runways, there are some spring themes promising a great and exciting season in a very short time. 1. 1920’s Flapper Everyone knows that the 20’s were a defining moment of

5 prom looks to try this summer

The day you’ve been awaiting for years finally arrives and despite countless times of envisioning the perfect dress, when the dream becomes the reality you’re cut short of ideas. It’s a familiar scenario; somehow

The extravagant heels collection from Mollini

At the Met Ball event, supermodel Coco Rocha was seen in a pant suit. The attire was acquired by her from the auction of Elizabeth Taylor’s wardrobe, and she completed the look with pink

Winter 2012 fashion trends

I realise that the days are still long and that big, round, hot thing is (occasionally) in the sky, but mark my words, winter is coming and you don’t want to be a caught

Getting Dressed for a Seniors Party

Dressing for a Seniors party is always a reason to panic for many. I have been attending many formal parties at retirement villages, communities and clubs, and thanks to the perks of my job,

Top 6 Handbag Trends for the Year 2012

If you wish to be perfect this fashion season, there’s no way that you can overlook the style trends for handbags. Just like your shoes, belts and other accessories, handbags also deserve particular attention.

Five Classy Brand Looks for Asymmetrical Hemlines In 2012

In the past few fashion seasons, asymmetrical hemlines have caught the fancy of fashion lovers, designers and celebrities. Everyone seems to be in love with the cuts that beg to be different from traditional

A Look at Salvatore Ferragamo Pre-Fall 2012 Collection

Reviving the old trends of past eras seems to have caught the frenzy of many designers. Many designers and celebrities have been seen adoring new styles, and this class of revived fashion is worth

Retirement Age Fashion Trends

Hats are essentials for winters. No matter what you wear, hats are designed to augment your looks for the perfect chic appearance. Hats are not just for fashion, but with the right dress, you

Get draped in Red: Tips for dressing with Red

Red has always been the choice of fashion lovers, and if there’s one color that you must own for all seasons, it’s red. Whether you are wearing an evening gown or are wearing the