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5 prom looks to try this summer

The day you’ve been awaiting for years finally arrives and despite countless times of envisioning the perfect dress, when the dream becomes the reality you’re cut short of ideas. It’s a familiar scenario; somehow


All You Need To Know About High Heels

High heels are loved by some, while there are women to whom heels are intimidating. You may have the perfect stilettos in your collection, and yet, you may be still waiting to wear the

The extravagant heels collection from Mollini

At the Met Ball event, supermodel Coco Rocha was seen in a pant suit. The attire was acquired by her from the auction of Elizabeth Taylor’s wardrobe, and she completed the look with pink

Six Timeless Styling Tips for All Ages

Fashion trends come and fade every season, while we try to match our wardrobe to the things that our designers choose for us. When it comes to styling, we all look for what our

Getting Dressed for a Seniors Party

Dressing for a Seniors party is always a reason to panic for many. I have been attending many formal parties at retirement villages, communities and clubs, and thanks to the perks of my job,

How To Carry The Peplum Style With Affordable Ease

Peplum is a fashion trend that’s bound to stay for the foreseeable future. While we find many fashion brands infusing the peplum style in their outfits, the style remains on the doubt cards of

‘Sweat’ing Out the Cold and Chilling in Style!

Hey everyone! Winter is officially here! Leaving a few winter haters who are a rare breed, the majority of people let this season fall in the list of their favourites. For many, it is

Trousers for Women – Wearing Pants in Style

Given the increasing and proud number of working women in today’s world, the style of women’s fashion at work is changing. But with the increasing amount of work, what decreases is the time to

How to Revamp Your Summer Clothing Pieces for Fall!

Fall is officially here in many parts of the world! It is time to put on those dark burgundy lips, get yourself a pumpkin spice latte and glow up your house with cinnamon fragranced

The “Best of Spring” – Shoes for Every Girl – Part 1

So, the countdown to the ultimate spring lists has already started, and if you have followed our blog, you already know that we have enlisted some of the biggest trends of spring 2017. This