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New Series- The Best Jewellery Trends From Spring 2016 Collections – Part 1

Welcome back to yet another series of fashion trends in The House Of Elegance Fashion, and this time it is about the best jewellery trends of spring 2016. It’s been a pleasure to cover the best of trends for all fashion seasons, but the spring is special with amazing use of colours, textures, and ideas.

When it comes to jewellery, most girls go by instincts for sure, but when you know that there are a few trendy things that you can get inspired from, why miss these ideas at all? In this very special series, we will talk of the best spring 2016 jewellery trends, and as always, there will be a few hints here and there to help you stay in your budget.

Head jewellery is bang on

Head jewellery is bang on: Yes, this trend was discussed in our series on accessories for spring 2016, and yet, it demands attention again in this complete series, because it’s such a unique thing! Cases and bands for the head started from being very basic, as seen in Chanel and Givenchy, to being completely dramatic, as seen in Dolce & Gabbana and Miu Miu. The inimitable thing about this trend is the fact that we don’t see this often, and there is a lot of scope for you to experiment. Think of the amazing things for the next party!

A bit of hardware

A bit of hardware: Okay, this is a trend that was reported by many top fashion magazines and websites, and personally, this is a trend that deserves a mention. The idea is to go for a little more hardware, starting off with chains to ending in unique buckles and other small accessories. If you are not into feminine jewellery, this is among the few trends that should appeal to the boho ideas. Some of the biggest designers, including Alexander Wang, Givenchy and Emilio Pucci, have a few ideas to share, and if you want designer stuff, do check a neckpiece at Chanel that was just so appealing that any girl would want one.

Exceptional neckpieces

Exceptional neckpieces: Precisely, it is tough to sum up this trend for sure, but it has to do with the neck bone as most designers worked wonders with pieces that just were a bit more than chokers. These pieces, which included a few choker-like designs too, were unique at most of the fashion brands, but the best and most genuine ones were seen at Christian Dior, JW Anderson and Dries Van Noten. If you are someone who picks up stuff from online stores or like to a neckpiece to every outfit, this might be the trend that will make a lasting impact. The good thing is you can steal and borrow a few ideas, and once you get going, there’s a lot to store in the closet.

Hopefully, you did dig into the jewellery trends for spring 2016 that we just talked about. In the next part, we unleash some more, with some ideas of getting the most of each trend. Do come back soon!

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