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More Ways to Style the Denim Skirt- Part 2

In the last post, we had talked of some amazing ways to wear the denim skirt for the spring, but that’s not where it ends. Most of the style statements and ideas mentioned can transition even into other seasons. Taking that ahead, let’s talk on some of the other aspects of the denim skirt with some more fascinating ways to pull off all lengths and styles with the same ease.

With a trench coat

With a trench coat: If the leather jacket with a denim skirt was too boho for you, the next is a trench coat or a longer version of the regular coat. This again is an essential layering piece, and you will not mind investing in a piece that can work for the spring and fall with the same ease. As for the colour, there isn’t much need to match or think of that in the same way because there’s plenty to experiment even with bold shades.

A shorter version

A shorter version: As much as most girls love to wear the midsized denim skirt, they also love the shorter version. If you really want to get a skirt that reflects your true style sense and adds a bit of oomph to the look, the idea is to go for the ragged, distorted design and match it with a nice blouse. Again, you can choose white for the blouse and bring some sobriety in the appeal for the distressed skirt or else, it can be a summer popup colour print. The choice remains more than many!

Add the black blazer

Add the black blazer: The black blazer adds that small amount of formal element with a regular knee length denim skirt and you can get quite a bit of confidence, especially with the black colour. The black blazer is among those closet essential that can never go out of the market and runways, and you can safely get the best style that works for your look, in terms of the style and cut.

With a bling top

With a bling top: Think of the bling and shiny party top that can work wonders for the evenings. Add the most essential party top with your mid or small denim skirt for a quick fashion statement. Make sure that you experiment with the colours and do a bit of changes to the makeup to make the look feel and appeal more glamorous. How about a pop colour for the lips and neat but smoky eyes? That’s a look probably every fashionista should try once.

Add the perfect sweater

Add the perfect sweater: If you are wearing that tight denim skirt and showing off your legs, the best pairing can be with that loose and easy sweater that can be added for a cool appeal. Whether it is the fall or the early spring, this is a look that you would want to carry everywhere, thanks to the amazing style quotient it offers. Make sure to try soft summer colours like blue or yellow for a better feel!

Get started now to see the best style that works for your denim skirt!

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