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More Ways to Lose Pounds with Styling Ideas- Part 2

In the first part, we had talked of some of the basic things that go in trimming the silhouette and making the body look better and more styled. We take the same series with some styling tips that should be handy when you are looking to look slim and have smoother and striking curves.

Go for wrap dresses

Go for wrap dresses: Wrap dresses are always good when you want to divide the attention and add style without trying hard. With a nice short dress, you can team a pair of ankle or knee high boots and ensure that the balance is retained. Keep your hair open and the accessories to minimal- You are ready for the kill.

Smarter with Wider belts

Smarter with wider belts: As we mentioned in the last part, colours of your clothing shouldn’t be parting the body into visual dimensions, which often bring bad attention. However, if you are not fond of dresses that don’t flatter your waist line, belts can be a good dimension to add. Simply go for broad designs, which are extremely easy to the eyes and add charm to dresses.

Go for fluttering hands in dresses and topsGo for fluttering sleeves in dresses and tops: If you are wearing tunics and dresses, the best thing you can do is go for designs that come in fluttering sleeves. The lose hem of the hands and shoulders makes the waist and middle portion of the body look leaner and instantly chops a few extra pounds. Keep those pendant chains ready for quick accessorizing!

Wider pants are your best friend

Wider pants are your best friend: Palazzos have been in the trending rules for the longest time, and if you love them, here’s some good news- Wide and flared bottom pants add breadth to the ankle area, making your hips look leaner than usual. Go for black and dark colour tones to understand how the style works for you and soon you can shift to new age of white and pastel shades.

Pointy toe shoes for fun

Pointy toe shoes for fun: Pointy toed designs in shoes have been used for the longest time to add some sleekness to the look, and you can be assured that the style is not going anywhere in days to come. If you really want to get down the basics, nothing beats the beauty of black pointy toe shoes with kitten or medium heels. You can couple this pair of shoes with almost anything- think of the cropped denims or even the office suits that often seem boring when worn for five days a week.

Go for cotton and silk

Go for cotton and silk: Denims, cotton and silk are three materials that actually don’t add volume to the body. So, if you are not keen on going for suede and leather, which many don’t support for animal right causes, you have more reason to avoid them now. These materials add more mass to the look, so cotton and lighter fabrics are more like an apt choice. Also, having a few customized items in the closet, tailored by your favourite designer can also be a good way to play with new fabrics.

Take chances, because looking lean is often a matter of discovering new styling tips!

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