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More Ways of Styling the Short Skirt Differently – Part 2

Fashion has always been about styling in your own way, no matter whether you follow the runway trends or not. If you love the short skirt, our first part on the series must have given you a fair idea of how to check the favourite essential in new ways. We will look at more options in this post, where we will find tricks to experiment a bit more and simple ideas to add more versatility to the overall style statement. Read on as we discover short skirt fashion tips for one and all.

With A Long Overcoat

With A Long Overcoat: Many will agree that the short skirt for the fall might be tricky and there can a bit of over show off, but here’s a fix- use your regular overcoat for some warmth and balance. Overcoats should ideally be slightly shorter than the length of the skirt or of the same length if possible. The extreme longer version can be quite a mess, so it’s better to avoid. As for the colours, match one colour in light shade for the coat with a darker shaded skirt. Complete the look with a nicely matched hat for the complete look.

Dazzling with accessories

Dazzling with accessories: Remember the short skirt look we talked about with the striped tee? Well, you can choose to go simple with the same or have a few accessories to match the look. Think of those chain pendants or a funky clutch, and you can hit the fashion streets in high spirits. Try to stick to one accessory, which will be the attention grabbing item of the look. As for stripes, any regular tee with stripes looks just about perfect with one coloured skirt of your choice.

The matched crop top

The matched crop top: How about the high waist short skirt with a matching crop top? Of course, that’s a look that need quite a bit of daring and you need to be in shape, but the overall match is worth drooling. Most girls like the idea of having cropped tops in a mixed and match style, even though matching the fabric just a good thing to watch for. If you don’t have a set, may be you can get one tailored by your boutique- just shop for casual looking materials and prints. For more fun look, get floral printed material and get a set designed to fit your curves in the right way.

Going for a perfect colour match

Going for a perfect colour match: Matching the skirt, top and other accessories in a single colour is also great idea, provided you get the shades in place. Make sure to find the right colour you want to highlight, and you can experiment quite a bit with the clutch, shirt/top and the skirt. When you have one coloured skirt, you can change the look every single day by matching the other things- like the top and neckpiece/handbag- for a cool mix.

Start changing your style sense for shorter version of skirts now, because there’s much more than the graphic tee that you always sport.

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