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More Street Style Trends for Spring 2015 Unleashed- Part 2

In the first post, we did talk about some of best trends that were seen on the streets. This time, we take the same forward, with ideas, tips and more. At the end of the post, you will be able to decode spring style and summer fashion in more ways than one.

Feminine all the way

Feminine all the way: Many of the fashionistas had a very fashionable and feminine look for the spring. The look is about cuts and designs in dresses and more, which kind of have a very soft appeal. So, your regular summer dress is tighter around the waist and legs, allowing you to show more in a girly way. That’s a practical way to go by, and you can get some great summer dresses on the best online stores, which shouldn’t be hard on the pocket.

Sweeping dresses

Sweeping dresses: Sweeping dresses and that boho feel to the look is something that remained the favourite of the girls, as well as of our editor. If you like style and want to make the most of it in designs that don’t really follow the trend, this is the way to go. Just go by the instincts and make sure that you are offering the onlookers some reason to gossip and look beyond what is already there. Approach new styles and cuts of dresses and match the same with simple and effective accessories for a cool look.

The big knits

The big knits: Spring knits are usually light, but that’s not what the street smart ladies are wearing. The new age knit for the common girl is heavy and has this light and easy feel about it, which makes worth a check. Spring knits can be easy and effective, depending on the colours you want to use. Wear that loose fitting sweater, with a nice pair of denim shorts or a cool summer skirt for that fresh feel!

Go in the khaki mode

Go in the khaki mode: Think of the military colours and styles for spring 2015, because that’s what most experts have been doing. Try new shades, colours and themes, but all of it should be in the army zone. That’s how the girls are going with the trend, and even though you haven’t seen this for the current year on the runways, it is likely that this 2014 trend might make a return soon.

Clash the prints

Clash the prints: Well, clashing two prints close to each other is not something new, but again, we didn’t see much of that for the runways. Street fashion experts have used the best of prints in some stunning ways for the season, and from what we see, you have a lot to try and add to the closet. Look for matching different prints for pants and tops, or even add a long sleeved top with a jumpsuit of another print. The choices are varied, and if you love floral prints, there is nothing like having that in colours of the season!

In the next few posts, we talk of more ways to look cooler!

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