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More Spring Mistakes You Can Avoid! – Part 2

In our very last post, we had spoken of the worst mistakes that girls can make for the spring. In this step-ahead post, we will again look at some of these mistakes that demand attention and why you can do your best by avoiding them for the season. Check if you are still into these and use our ideas to go better.

Going for cut-outs at work

Going for cut-outs at work: While the cut-out dresses had an insane amount of style quotient attached to them, there is no way that you can wear that at work. What can be a far better and more appealing style statement is to opt for some elements of sheer in the dress and add the edge without losing the essence of dressing formally at the workplace. There are many designers who have worked on sheer in a very subtle way, so there is plenty to get inspired from.

Overdoing any trend

Overdoing any trend: There is no way that you can skip the runway trends, but choosing the appropriate trend for the spring days is essential. Time and again, we have focused on how some of the trends are better than others in terms of practicality. It is a big blunder to just copy something you spotted on the ramp, because fashion is more about being practical and truly essential to the needs of daily clothing. For example, leather has been one of the biggest choices for spring, but a simple leather skirt or blazer may just be a better as compared to a full leather dress.

Just pastel look

Just pastel look: For 2014, pastels have been one of the best trends of the season. As such, more women are seen overdoing pastels off late, which can be termed as a simple fashion mistake. Instead of just using pastels, you can match and mix many other bright colours in the look and bring a more style element of popup shades. Pastels when balanced can be a good choice, but for the days when you have nothing much to look ahead, the idea is to go for one bright addition to the entire concept to get good attention without trying hard.

Indulging in extreme shorts

Indulging in extreme shorts: While extreme short shorts have become popular for sure, there is no denying that every girl needs the right amount of attitude to carry off the look. Not to forget, extreme short shorts are not suited for every occasion and location. Instead, you can go and play with the spring suited shorts with prints, and even the ragged version of the denim should work wonders. Balance is the key here, because extreme shorts often are taken in the wrong way.

A final mention on winter coats that many girls take to the spring- That’s something not taken kindly by fashion police. As a good other choice, you can invest in a faux or genuine leather jacket that works with most spring looks and creates a sense of balance for the entire look and its peppy inclusions. Happy styling for the spring with new ideas!

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