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More Spring 2016 Trends From Paris Fashion Week – Part 2

In our very last post, we did a quick roundup of the spring 2016 at the Paris Fashion Week, and this time, we will just take it forward. In the previous post, we talked of how the denim has been revamped with new elements for the spring, while designers also tried to ensure that gingham isn’t missed for the season by using plaid. As we move on, it’s time to see more trends and ideas. Let’s also add here that some of the trends were covered in the single spring 2016 trend cheat-sheet that we did, but yes, now you can be sure from where these ideas came from.

Pee-ka-boo wow

Pee-ka-boo wow! See-through materials like crochet and lace have a fancy of their own. There is a lot that you can do with little, and it doesn’t have to be over the top at any point of time. For spring 2016, designers worked on that aspect big time, and the end results were a mix of feminine elements and bold strokes. Again, this is one of the trends that will need the dare factor, but you can do a lot even in limits. Some of the designers that you may want to check to have an idea of this trend include Chloe, John Galliano, Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen.

Twisting the classic

Twisting the classic: We have mentioned this trend once before, but it is exclusive to Paris Fashion Week and hence we have to talk of this. The white shirt is more of a classic, and honestly, you can do a lot with the one you own. However, spring 2016 calls for some serious shopping, so you can find a lot of different styles and unique designs, each one crafted by the top fashion houses with plenty of passion. There are quite a good number of designers, but the names you need to check right away include Anthony Vaccarello, Stella McCartney and Rochas. As always, you can find a few choices on online stores and regular malls, but the idea is to play with new looks.

Pants for style

Pants for style: Now this has to be among the best trend picks from the event for all the right reasons. Designers worked with amazing ideas to give the spring pants a quick makeover. These are pants that work like accessories on their own, allowing you to show off in the way you like or else, just choose to balance. Made of lace, sheer and unique material, there is something for everyone. Think of prints, polythene looks, ruffles, and the ideas just go on and on. Some of the most effective and exclusive ideas were seen at Miu Miu, Vionnet and Elie Saab. Make sure that you experiment and get your own thing done, or else you will have to save now to show off in spring!

We hope you have found your favourite trends in the series, and we promise to be back very soon with more ideas, tricks and fashion hacks. Till then, wishing all a happy festive season and great new year! Have fun!

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