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More Practical Shoe Trends For Spring 2016 – Part 2

In our last list, we were talking about some of the most practical shoe trends for spring 2016. Moving ahead with the same, we have some more ideas and trends on this list, just to help our readers with their shopping list. Start your fashion month with these fresh ideas.

Pointed for style

Pointed for style: Pointy-toe shoes are nothing new for sure, but these shoes have something incredibly stylish and feminine about them. From the classic designs with chunky heels to more experimental designs that have laces, new materials and other elements, there are quite a few numbers of choices. While brands and shops like Asos, Zara and Nine West do stock Pointy-toes in varied designs, you can also look for ideas on your regular online shoes. For the spring, match these Pointy-toes with a niche summer-like dress, and you can give any fashionista a run for her money!

Sneak again

Sneak again: We have talked about it before, but since we are talking of spring practical styles, we thought this one deserves a mention. Sneakers have never left the fashion season since they were first seen on the ramp in spring 2015 in recent times. This year too, many of the top designers have repeated the trend, albeit with a few tweaks. No matter tweaked or classic, spring shoes are eternally happening and have a lot of chic swag that works big time. While Nike and Adidas have their choices, you can also try for pretty colours and pastel shades in relatively unknown brands, depending on the budget.

Go all the way to white

Go all the way to white: White is your shoe colour of the season – At least that’s what most top brands have to say! We agree that this is a trend that needs a lot of daring, but you can experiment a lot in terms of design, style and materials. Look for something edgy with a high-end brand like Michael Kors or else, you can find plenty of styles in the online shop of your choice. White shoes work wonders when paired with white outfits, but you can also get new and include these shoes for your denim looks and create some effective summer looks. For spring 2016, let this one be of the colour that engulfs you!

Slide in vogue

Slide in vogue: We cannot talk of practical styles without actually talk of mules and slip-in shoes that have been all over the ramp in spring 2016. The style is effective, and you can find one kind of pair for almost every kind of occasion. Gucci has some incredible high heeled slip-ins, while you can find chunky heels at many designers, including 3.1 Phillip Lim. The idea is to find a pair that works for most outfits, and therefore, you might want to go for mid-length heels, probably in a nice soft colour. Again, much of it is on you, and you can find many designs in brands according to the money you want to pay.

Hope you had a great time with us learning the best spring 2016 practical trends!

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