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More of Spring 2017 Trends on Makeup – Part 2

In the last post, we talked about the best of spring 2017 trends, and we included some amazing ideas for your daily looks. Taking the series ahead, we have some more things to share, and we promise to give ample suggestions on using these runway takeaways rightly. Check these trends below and start making your shopping list. After all, a woman can never have enough of shoes and makeup!

Bright calling

Bright calling: At all major fashion weeks, there was a sudden pop of bright colours in the runway looks. Makeup artists toned down the overall use of colours, to focus on one part of the face, mostly the eyes. If you haven’t used bright coloured makeup palettes for a while, this is your chance. Bright eye makeup can turn tables, especially when teamed with nude shades for the lips. Work with the current favourites like blue, purple, or even gold, and you can create new looks every day. A quick tip here – if you intend to wear eye makeup for longer hours, don’t miss on using an eye primer.

The lined eye

The lined eye: Eyeliners are always in vogue, and honestly, one can never have enough of shades. However, for spring 2017, you will return to the classic shades of brown and black. Smokey eyes are back again, and you can create this look easily with simple kohl and eyeliner. Just use a pencil that comes with a smudging tool, and you can instantly change the gel eyeliner into something more boho and cool. If you have dark circles, make sure to prep the skin well, and don’t miss on tight-lining the waterline. You can use brown for the lower lash-line and black for the eyeliner. Winged liner looks are never out of trend, so you can try that, as well. Most women don’t have the time for a smoky look in the day, so you can even use the black kohl pencil to create a dramatic effect for transition.

Glitter for the lady

Glitter for the lady: One of the most unique and bold trends of the season was the use of glitter. A couple of years back, many top makeup brands came with the concept of shiny/shimmer lip shades, but the trend didn’t quite find a calling then. Everyone loves matte, and it continued to be the top pick for the last few seasons. However, this time you can play with extra glitter over the regular lipsticks. There were quite a few extremes in spring 2017 shows. Right from blue glitter for the lips to something subtle like maroon and similar shades, the idea worked big time. If you don’t want to invest in such shades, you can get a gloss that comes with chunky glitter and use it over the regular lipstick for a quick lift.

Hope you found the trends useful. We continue to bring more from the runways and beyond, and we hope to have you here again. For updates, fashion and more, please check The House Of Elegance Fashion – Your ultimate fashion hub!

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