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More of Fall 2017 Jewellery Trends – Part 2

Last week, we talked about the best of jewellery trends for fall 2017, and we had promised that we have more in store. In this special post, we will talk about the trends that made a big impact. Also, we have enlisted a few styling tips that may come handy. After all, we always celebrate fashion for everyone!

Something called punk

Something called punk: Punk elements in jewellery were quite visible in the collections of Hermès, Ellery, Versace, Gucci and Junya. These are your regular punk stuff, right from barbed wires to something as fun like a bullet. The idea makes sense because there’s a bit of minimalism everywhere. This is one of those trends that seem rebellious but doesn’t really go over the top at the same time. We loved how studs were used in unique ways, and these studs can be found everyone, right from your favourite online store to the local flea market. This trend is best reserved for the casual days, when you are in mood to take your bike for a ride.

Pearly effect

Pearly effect: Well, most of us remember those chokers and handcuffs that Chanel had introduced a few years back. Those simple chokers with large pearls at the end were one of the major trends that season, and since then, we haven’t seen pearl in its form as expected. In 2017, there’s a treat for pearl lovers. Top designers and labels like Mulberry, Oscar de la Renta, Gucci, and Chanel have worked with pearl in the most unique ways. From large and oversized pearls to something more minimal but in bundle, there was something for everyone. We really think that this trend is here to stay, and you can happily invest in a few pieces, depending on whether you like minimalism or simplified style.

Feminine cuffs

Feminine cuffs: Handcuffs for the season were diverse, unique but seen at most shows. These are not those chunky items that you have seen all over the ramp in the last two seasons. Instead, cuffs for fall 2017 are more feminine and were added with every look. From chained cuffs that also adorned the fingers to simplified ones, there were many options. We personally think that the idea of connecting the cuff with the rings of the fingers is an innovative and authentic idea, which looks inspired from the ethnic styles of Asia. Lovely yet simple, these cuffs can be your only purchase for the season. At the end of the day, you would want to move beyond statement earrings and neck pieces.

Liked this post? We insist that you come back again next week, when we will try to uncover more fall trends. We have been falling over the fall 2017 trends, given that the variety and options are really huge. We are also planning a few posts on styling, which will be up on this blog soon, and our team is planning more unique content, keeping our wide audience in mind. What’s more? We will be ready with a collection again this month!

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