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More Ideas Worth Taking from Fall 2015 Collections – Part 2

In the first part, we have talked about some of the unique styling ideas that have been picked from fall 2015 collections. Taking the same series ahead, we will talk of some more things, many of which may just seem easy but most fashionistas may have missed the cues. Check the amazing ideas from fall fashion with more tips on how you can make the most of the style statements without spending a fortune.

Tight leggings

Tight leggings: The tight pair of leather leggings can well be a staple for the fall for more reasons than one. As we always talk of going against leather for the cause of animal empathy, this time too we insist that you go for the stunning faux options, which are equally good. Leggings are worthy enough for any kind of outerwear, no matter whether it is a long overcoat or a big trench design, you can also pair it with long tops and shirtdresses for a cool fall feel that is in sync with the season. For the complete look, add a pair of ankle boots. Black is always the best bet in tights, as it can pair with almost anything!

Go along with hemlines

Go along with hemlines: If you have checked the collection for the fall from Proenza Schouler, you must have seen the long and ‘ankle reaching’ dress that seemed like a perfect item in itself. Trying this trend shouldn’t be tough as there are many choices, both in dresses and skirts that will make for an exciting combination. For the feet, the ankle boot seems like a perfect choice, which means you need to buy a pair as soon as possible, or else, you can choose to get those platform heels that were all over the ramp for spring 2015 and do add height to the look.

The choker love continues

The choker love continues: For at least a few seasons, the choker seems to be the favourite of designers, and it won’t go anywhere any time soon. It all started with those Chanel pearl chokers in 2014 spring, and ever since then, this fashion item has come to the forte and made its way to the runways time and again. Look for the black choker that was spotted Christopher Kane’s fall 2015 collection and you will know that this style is easy to adorn. Apart from being idea with dresses, you can find designs to suit almost any look.

The skirt shift

The skirt shift: The skirt has never been used such creatively as it has made an appearance at Donna Karan’s show. The old mini skirt that hugged the waist and hips is now a belt in itself, adding a lot of style to the overall appearance of any long dress. As a layering choice, this is quite unique, and you can take a dig at the style in the way you want. This is one look that most girls with a lean figure can think to attempt safely, getting away from the obi belts that were seen for spring earlier this year.

Style with fun!

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