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More Ideas to Look Like a Model on the Streets- Part 2

In our first part of the series, we have talked about how some of the famed and hot models look off the ramp and the way they manage to look effortlessly stylish at all times. Taking the same line ahead, we will talk about some more things that we see models wearing. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, but there are often more looks that you can spot, but we have on enlisted the common styles that made these loved models so unique, even when they are not trying too hard.

Skinny denims

Skinny denims: Let’s agree to the fact that the skinny denims are always an easy style statement, and models are no different. We have seen some of the top models sharing their time off the ramp wearing simple skinny denims with a T-shirt. We are likely that you already own a few pairs of skinny designs already, but get a pair of new age blue denim, which seems to be the top flavour of the season.

The cool denim shorts

The cool denim shorts: Some models always have a liking for the shorts, and nothing beats the comfort of denim shorts. If you don’t have one, start the next DIY project with your favourite regular denims cut into shorts. Add a few cuts in between for some quick styling. Usually, stylish girls neither go too short with the denims nor they try to get them like a Capri. You can choose the length of the shorts on the comfort level you have.

The stylish chained bag

The stylish chained bag: The chained bag is always cool for any girl, and we have spotted a few models using the chained design for their daily needs. Ideally, you should not go for a very big bag, nor should settle for something small, but practicality is the key here. Look for a handbag with a chain sling in general size that can contain all the essential things you need for daily outings, including the phone.

Add a pair of colourful sneakers

Add a pair of colourful sneakers: Colourful sneakers are always fun and happening, and some models wear sneakers for sheer colour pop up. You can see them at their charming best wearing sneakers that are pleasing to the eyes and certainly doesn’t always related to the glamour world as we often perceive. There are many online stores worth checking for colourful range of sneakers and there is no harm in going for a few extra choices.

Looking like a model off the ramp is more about being at ease! You can always find many of the star show-stoppers in simple items, which makes us wonder about what makes them so appealing. Ideally, it is all about going with the flow, no matter whether you are wearing a pair of denim shorts or a cool moto jacket. You don’t need to try too hard to be appealing and neither should you go for daring makeup. Just go simple! Keep an eye on this space for more fashion updates for the season and for all reasons.

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