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More Ideas on Wearing the Jumpsuit- Part 2

Fashion doesn’t have to be restrictive, or experimenting with your looks is a crime. Welcome to the second edition of the series on jumpsuits, where we will look at the summer essential with more ideas and ways to get the best style statement for your body. In the first part, we have talked on how a jacket can be the perfect layer for the jumpsuit and how the different brands can change the look. Here, we take a close look at more ideas on how the jumpsuit can be more perfect on you.

Jumpsuit trends

Consider the fabric: You have to decide on whether you want a formal look or need to invest in casual designs. This is where the fabric is utterly important. Make a point to check the fabric because while soft cotton or even choices in nylon work for the casual look, for the formal looks, you need heavier fabrics. As for the evening looks, you can go for materials that are soft and effective, mostly the fabrics that are good for drapes.

Wear jumpsuit to work: Jumpsuits for work can be tricky because you don’t really want to be the centre of attraction for all the wrong reasons. Make sure to pick the right designs for formal look. Firstly, solid colours are most important for office. Look for fabrics that are on the heavier side, such as cotton. The next thing to check is the fit, which should be very balanced. Starting from the waist stitch to the belt and hangs, things should be balanced, which means don’t get extreme tight designs nor pick the designs that are too flowing or doesn’t match the office dress code.

Decide on the right footwear: In general, jumpsuits work better for women who have a good height. For them, even a pair of flats or nude pumps can be just right for any design they pick. If you cannot boast of the height, the next thing is definitely wedges. You will find quite a few flattering wedges in the market, and if possible, go for the colours in bold, which can be complimented with a lot of other dresses and looks.

Don’t over accessorize: Jumpsuits are always fun, which means there are endless ways to accessorize the same. However, this is where the balance is very important. Thankfully, everything works for jumpsuits- starting from danglers, bracelets, bangles to statement necklaces and even layers of chains. What is more crucial is how to get the look right. The idea is to focus on one accessory at a time. If you are using cuff bracelets, don’t overdo a statement neckpiece. On the other hand, when you are using a pair of teardrop earrings, complete the look with a statement ring for one finger.

Jumpsuits can be your staple for the summer, and there is nothing like having a couple of stylish designs in the closet for the special days and one for work. A little statement can often change days of bored dressing choices!

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