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More Ideas for Dressing Well With the Turtleneck- Part 2

In the first part, we talked some fun things about the turtleneck and why it deserves to be a classic in your closet. In this post, we will find more some incredible ideas to bring a complete cheat sheet for great styling. Let’s get started right away!

Pick up the right skirt

Pick up the right skirt: Turtlenecks work wonders with skirts, depending on how you choose to pair them together. Think of the maxi skirts, which otherwise can look dull and boring, but with a nice turtleneck and boots, you can be ready for any fun outing. Also, you can go for A-line skirts, which work well with half sleeved turtlenecks and can help in achieving that classic diva look. Most online stores and regular brands will give you plenty of choices in terms of fabric and colours, so let down your hair and get going. You can also opt for a complete matched skirt, which is again a great idea for spring.

With denims

With denims: While we talked of how a classic turtleneck may look with a pair of black denims, the next idea is to try other kind of cuts and designs. Think of your boyfriend denims or even a pair of flared jeans, and you will find some simple ways to get dressed. The only downside is the choice of limited accessories, which means you don’t have too many things to coordinate the look. This calls for choosing the right design and colour for the turtleneck, so that the look can be balanced with minimal elements.

Go oversized

Go oversized: Turtlenecks look super cool when you go for an oversized option and add a simple coat to complete the look. If you can manage to coordinate the colour and create a balanced look, there is nothing like that for a fall look. Oversized designs also work well when you coordinate it with high waist denim. Just get the perfect look by letting an oversized turtleneck loose on the denim or just tuck it into the denim to show off those long legs- the choice is yours. Make sure that you go for a bright and probably a more classic colour like black or white.

With boots

With boots: Thigh high boots are worth every penny spent, and you can match them with your black turtleneck and a mini skirt. This look works wonders mainly for the spring or early summers when you don’t want to go heavy with the choices but yet need a neat look. Leather boots are like classics for sure, but if you are not keen on leather, the faux options are equally good. Keep the look limited to just a few things, like a sling bag and one can take on most casual outings with ease.

Finally, if you are ready to shop for the classics, make sure that you check some great discounts online. Turtlenecks have been around for decades now, so just in case you want to buy something expensive, you can take the plunge because the trend isn’t going anywhere for sure. Get started with your ideas now!

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