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More Fashion Hacks for the Daily Girl- Part 2

Moving ahead with the fashion hacks we have for you, we have enlisted some more ideas that can just change the game for the looks you carry for the casual days and at work. Take a look and change the ways of your closet right now!

Match your lips and coat

Match your lips and coat: Most women don’t realize that makeup and outfits go hand and hand. If you haven’t been matching your makeup with what your wear, here’s a quick thing to go by- simply match the lip colour with the coat or handbag you own. Lip colours like bold red and pink can be matched easily with one big statement item of the closet. You don’t have to just do this for the casual days only, but also for the workplace, where the fashion statement is most counted.

Wear the coat with knee high boots

Wear the coat with knee high boots: We mostly tend to wear our coats with tights, which is quite boring. Knee high boots can be quite a welcome change, and you can buy a colour like black or brown that can be coupled with any short or long coat of any shade and colour. Leather is a choice in material that is the obvious choice, but if you don’t support leather for animal rights issues, the faux options are equally good for style and design.

Add a scarf instead of statement neckpiece

Add a scarf instead of statement neckpiece: Statement neckpieces are extremely engaging and we have done many posts where we have recommended such items for the fashion update, but we like to add another hack here. Simply avoid the statement designs and use your old school silk scarf for the neck. This can work with your blouses and shirts sans any error, and even when you are at work, this is a statement that can turn heads.

Add a belt to the coat

Add a belt to the coat: If you have a trench coat, you can give it quite some zing with a belt around the waist. You can choose to leave the buttons closed, and the belt works just like one accessory. This trend has been around for many seasons, and given that the pre-fall 2015 will be all about trench designs, we thought you might want to keep this in mind next time you shop for belts.

Change the blazer with a ribbon

Change the blazer with a ribbon: Belt over a jacket isn’t as pleasing as the coat, and as such, the next choice is certainly the thin ribbon. Look for matching colour i.e. black ribbon with black blazer or similar, and you will find the blazer will have an additional appeal. This is good for work and days of fun, and not forgetting the fact there is no big investment here and it works for most women.

Matching Socks

Finally, we would like to add here that the socks are important. Irrespective of the season, make sure that you wear a pair of socks that is matched with the shoes you have. This simply avoids tanning of the feet and gives a quick fashion update.

Get going now!

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