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More Fashion Essentials for Every Fashionista- Part 2

In the first part, we discussed a few fashion essentials we cannot do without, and in the second part, we only take that ahead with more style statement and bang for your buck! Find why some of smallest things can turn you into a diva with the right styling and some experimenting!

Fall for the black jumpsuit

Fall for the black jumpsuit: Jumpsuits can suit any occasion and you can do a lot of experiments with regards to the outerwear and shoes. Black jumpsuits make you look leaner and can be effective when you want to sport a semi formal look without too many details.

Love with faux fur coat

Love with faux fur coat: We have been against leather and fur for obvious reasons, but we simply cannot get our eyes way from the classic faux fur coat that looks like a million bucks for the fall and spring. With winter approaching in many parts of the globe, we assume this is something that many fashionistas can buy.

For the leather skirt

For the leather skirt: Leather is a material that has been in fashion and yet the flak around the production continues. If you are not in for genuine leather, go for faux and PU options that are equally good but a skirt in the material feel is must. Such skirts work well even with a simple tee or a graphic t-shirt, so there is room for a lot of new looks.

For the leather skirt

Fun with plaid shirts: The best part of wearing plaid shirts is the fact that you can wear it with monochromatic outerwear and even regular prints with the same ease. Many designers have used plaid to success, but the street style is what you should be looking for. Keep it lose and tucked in with the denims and play cool when you are wearing capris by keeping it out- the choices are varied.

Go with a silk scarf

Go with a silk scarf: Scarves are like quick ways to upgrade any look from simple to elite, and when the material is silk, you have more reasons to have fun! Silk scarves are available at most common stores and even in the flea markets, so obviously you don’t need a fortune to buy a few. Keep as many as you can, and you can keep rotating the appeal as frequently as you want.

The regular turtleneck

The regular turtleneck: Turtleneck sweaters and tees have the ability to transform from one season to another in varied ways, and whether you want to add outerwear or not, this is something worth the keeps. Try new looks by adding the blazer, or simply add a big statement necklace and you will fall in love for what you see in the mirror.

We hope we just gave a few notes of what to wear for the next few days, and trust us when we say that all the items of the list above will be on the repeat for many years at a row. If you are thinking of buying more than a few of the items in bulk from the list, you won’t be disappointed either!

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