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More Cool Ideas to Get Better of the Leopard Print- Part 2

We have talked of why the leopard print is always in vogue and how you can team your favourite print in new ways every time. Leopard prints have transpired in different styles, and despite all other animal prints, like the snake print and tiger prints around, this one doesn’t seem to have lost its sheen. As such, taking our series ahead, here are some more ways to show your love for leopard print and get the fun side up sans trying hard.

Button-down Shirt

Get a button down shirt: Easily the most effortless item you can have in the print! Start with hunting on online stores or cheap flea markets, because you are likely to find a lot of these prints in blouses. The button down shirt is more like a classic that works with denim shorts, coloured body-hugging skirts and probably everything else. What makes the look even cool is a jacket, something like the moto jacket you always wanted.

Leopard Print Mix

Add the leopard print in a mix: This is a style for those who are daring to mix different prints, especially something as bold as the leopard print. There are all kinds of prints that can go well with this animal style, but yes, try to match the colours to avoid going extreme. Polka dots are safe bets, but even for stripes and other prints, there’s a need to check that the colours are in sync with one another. You can add a neutral piece to your overall clothing, such as a shrug, to bring the balance that is important for a sober element.

Leopard Clutch

Get the accessories in that print: We have talked on how a handbag or a pair of flats can have the leopard print accent, but there are other things that you can carry. This includes a clutch or laptop sleeve for the office, a pair of sunglasses, or even sneakers for a casual shopping day. Keep in mind that accessories with this print don’t mean to match, instead they work as individual item for accenting the entire look. Too much of leopard print can be equally boring and annoying, so having a hint for some serious days is more of a tried and tested idea.

See through top

Add a see through top: Leopard prints in the see through style can be really fun, especially when you are wearing a bikini below or have different kinds of spaghetti tops. Use the top as a light take on the leopard print, particularly when you are not keen on extreme designs.

Faux Fur Overcoat

Pick that perfect faux fur overcoat: We don’t support fur, but that doesn’t mean you cannot get leopard print for overcoats. Stick to the faux options, and they are likely to be your staple for the fall and winter. Again, adding some neutral elements can change the entire look, so make sure you are open to experimenting. Slip fit trousers, a beanie or even a blocked coloured handbag- anything can work for the mix.

With the fall season in action, probably more shopping should be on your list!

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