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More Awesome Handbag Trends from Spring 2016 – Part 2

In the last post, we talked of some amazing stuff in handbag trends for spring 2016. Now, since we have already stepped in 2016, it’s the best time to talk of the trending fashion ideas. As always, we will have a few tips with each trend, and we promise that you will have a lot to shop for the next three months. Let’s get going!

Fold it well

Fold it well: Instead of zippers and buckles, folded closure was a big element for spring 2016. The idea is not exactly innovative for sure, but there was a certain change in the overall use of chains and zips that we are forced to take a note. Many designers worked with the idea for clutches, slings and much more, which certainly demanded attention. The good thing is you don’t need to spend a fortune trying to get this trend in the closet, but there’s a lot of well priced and budget stuff that you can find on online stores. Some of the designers to check include Banana Republic, 3.1 Phillip Lim, and Kate Spade.

Handle with style

Handle with style: A top handle for handbags can make a design look much more feminine and desirable for all the right reasons. This season, many designers did opt for the idea and ensured that there was a lot to like in terms of style and options. No matter whether you are heading to a board meeting or walking around the mall, this is a trend that will make an appeal almost anywhere and everywhere. Some of the designers you may want to check for a few ideas include names like Zac Posen, Tory Burch, and Christian Siriano.

The slip-on clutch is back

The slip-on clutch is back: This is a trend that made a serious statement in spring 2014. The idea is to take the clutch by the extra slip-on strap, which can give any design a feminine touch. Again this is a trend that will work wonders when you go for a bold colour, mainly because the idea can be standalone for most occasions. You can choose to go for a bold orange shade (Seen at Christian Siriano) or choose to go oversized with the design (seen at Narciso Rodriguez) – the choices are many!

Circled up

Circled up: Another trend that was repeated for spring 2016 was circled designs. Instead of the big circles, this time the designers and fashion houses focused on using small circled bags, which were mostly used as slings. If you are bored with the same kind of slings you own, this can be a trend worth the keeps. To be precise, this is more of an exclusive thing, so in case you are looking to invest, you should check the collections of Betsey Johnson and Erin Fetherston among others.

A special mention about big handbags, which made a solid comeback this season, and there’s a lot that you can find in terms of design and ideas. Enjoy your festive season and stay stylish as always!

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