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More Amazing Boot Trends For Fall 2016 – Part 2

In our last post on fall trends, we talked of a few handpicked trends in boots. Moving ahead, we are going to talk of more trends and ideas. Here’s a list of the final boot trends you need to rock the season.


Laced-up: Boots have a manly vibe, but if you want to add extra element of beauty, this is the trend to choose. Laced-up boots are often rare to come across, although a range of limited brands did work with the concept. Make sure that try new colours and palettes, and even printed boots might work well. The way you style the laces can also impact the final look, so make sure to play around. As for options, check a few online stores for budget choices, but we would recommend brands like Chloé and Casadei that have some unique ideas worth stealing.


Hardware: Well, a lot of top designers and labels, including Tommy Hilfiger and Gucci, worked with embellished boots that boasted of great hardware. These are the styles that have ample edge to replace the boring one-coloured pairs you own. Apart from having a pair for the parties, you can even try these boots for work and traveling needs. To wear an embellished pair of boots for formal meetings, keep the elements simple and clutter-free. The good thing is there is a wide range of choices for every budget, and you can find dirt cheap choices, especially when you are in mood for experimentation.

Leopard print

Leopard print: Talk of classics, and this is one trend that can never go out of the sight. Leopard printed elements are often seen in handbags, scarves and sunglasses, but a nice pair of boots is also a must-have in any closet. You can find unique ideas worth stealing at Thelma, Givenchy and Alexander Wang. If you are keen on trying something new, the coloured leopard printed designs are good and worth trying, but we would insist that you get the classic print that stands on its own and doesn’t lose its charm. You can pair such boots with shorts, denims and regular tights with the same ease, while for the parties; the pair can be used with cocktail dresses.

Military girl

Military girl: Military boots have a sturdy feel and can be great both on performance and comfort. There are all sorts of designs, and you can find a lot of options at Louis Vuitton, M.Gemi, Zara and French Connection. If there has to be one trend for the entire fall of 2016, this is the one. A good pair of military boots can last for years to come and is more like those pairs that you can take out for a good hiking trip. Also, these are regularly used on runways, so there is no way that you will regret buying more than one.

We hope you liked the fall 2016 trends. If there is anything you would like to read on this blog, feel free to share, and for more on fashion, keep an eye here!

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