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Maxi Dresses in Winter!!! Yes, you have read it correct!

Yes, there is no typing or reading error there. You have read it right. Maxi dresses, that are mostly worn to open air dining and beach holidays are now the new trend for the cold season. Our style icons have given these maxi dresses a new sizzling look by pairing them with knee length boots and knit sweaters to provide you with a foolproof solution to winter dressing.

While the long hemline protects your legs from the strong, cold winds, it is also a fabulously flexible and transitional piece which can be worn with sweaters in winter and graphic tees and crop tops in summers. So, if you were under the notion that maxi dresses are essentially a summer outfit, here are eight looks to prove your notion wrong!

Go chic with Knits

Go chic with Knits: Maxi skirt options were first seen at your biggest style icon, Victoria Beckham’s runway show and the star has been sporting the look herself too, usually with a heavy turtleneck. Giving a very cosy feel and look, this knitted maxi is best complemented by burgundy boots. So very chic!

P for Pink, P for Perfect

P for Pink, P for Perfect: Style queen Jessica Alba was spotted wearing a pale baby pink skirt stylishly combined with a black sweater. This style with its impeccable look is sure to be copied by many. But to flaunt those strappy heels, you got to be patient till spring arrives.

Style in all seasons

Style in all seasons: Olivia Palermo was seen carrying off her orange maxi skirt with a lot of style by combining it with black belt and over the knee length boots.

Flawless Combination

Flawless Combination: This look by Donna Karan will make you forget the pencil skirt. A white blouse has been paired with a black maxi skirt and a narrow belt. You could wear this to your workplace.

Valentino’s Mod Look

Valentino’s Mod Look: A contemporary look of the maxi skirt was given by Valentino by incorporating multi-coloured patchwork in leather worn with matching footwear.

Go Bold with Embellishments

Go Bold with Embellishments: At the Givenchy Fall runway show, we saw a boldly decorated top worn as the main accessory combined with layers of black panelling with pleats.

Metallic is not Just about Summers

Metallic is not Just about Summers: Sienna Miller with this look has conveniently proved why metallic is not just a summer worn piece. She was seen flaunting her feminism with a high waist maxi skirt paired with a full-sleeved crop top, taking fashion to a whole new level!

Red Hot in the Cold

Red Hot in the Cold: Maxi dress in the velvet fabric was seen for the first time at the Tom Ford show, exuding warmth along with elegance. The red velvet design was matched with a velvet turtleneck. Red hot top to toe!

So, just in case you were about to relocate your maxi dresses to your storeroom until the next summers, WAIT!

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