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Making the Most of Being Short- Avoid These Things- Part 2

Let’s start with where we had left the series. So, we are talking of the best trends and styles that work for short girls. We had mentioned how heels and high waist pants can change the game in more ways than one. Taking the series ahead, we are now going to focus on things and items that you should be shunning in the first place when your height is a big concern. Here’s what you must avoid when you don’t want to look like a penguin without the cuteness.

Dont go for tunic tops

Don’t go for tunic tops: Tunic designs look great when you have long legs that are either ready to bare or can be elongated using leggings. Other than that, tunic tops are just not meant for short girls, mainly because the look gets more on the shorter side. Unless you can wear those five inch heels or are comfortable with big platforms, don’t go for tunic styles without wondering on the good options.

Avoid oversized at best

Avoid oversized at best: Oversized clothing has been around for close to a decade, and most girls like the idea of looking baggy, stylish and comfortable, all at the same time. Despite that, the baggy look with layering is just not meant for short heighted girls, because it only makes the body look bigger and does nothing to the overall appearance. Even when you are in the most precious shoes to add some length, this is best avoided.

Horizontal stripes are your enemy

Horizontal stripes are your enemy: If you are short on height, just skip all possible styles and stripes on the horizontal way. The horizontal stripes can make the body look broader than usual, making the entire look complicated. On the other hand, some prints and vertical prints are quite worthy of attention. Try for prints that don’t tend to separate the body into segments, which is true when there are horizontal stripes and different sections within the clothing.

Avoid the mid length outfits

Avoid the mid length outfits: Whether it is about skirts that end below the knee or the dresses that are designed to be mid length, these are surely not for the short girls, who precisely need elongated legs. Go ahead and get the short dresses, because monochromatic looks can certainly add visual length to the silhouette and make the appearance look sleeker. Miniskirts are obvious choices, so get ahead with experimenting sans the mid length.

Printed clothing needs care

Printed clothing needs care: Avoid wearing printed one coloured pieces, mostly those jumpsuits. If you really need to go for one piece like the in-trend dungaree or jumpsuit, go for solid colours and shades. These colours add more length to the figure and you can avoid looking like a printed doll on the streets.

Finally, don’t simply shop blindly. Unless you are confident of what looks good on the figure you have, you might just want to try things. If you are shopping online, make a point to go for stores that offer great exchange and returns offers. Being a short girl doesn’t have to be a crime anymore!

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