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Making Fall 2016 Easy For Every Fashionista- Part 1

We have already covered a lot on the fall fashion 2015, and most of us are at least versed with the basic trends that have come from the runways, including chunky heels and bling jewelry. Taking the series ahead, we want to take a look at different styling ideas, which can work for bettering your choices. Here is a complete list of ideas and chic fashion tips that will not only make the fall trends look easy, but will also offer plenty of room for experimenting.

Wrap the sweater now

Wrap the sweater now: It’s the time to get over the need for scarf and stoles for fall 2015, because the time is here to use the sweater in a new way! Yes, the sweater has been tweaked as the new accessory, where it adorns the neck in a new way. This idea was spotted at Suno, and as easy as it may sound, you don’t need to rely on any one brand alone. Light knit sweaters should, however, work better than the heavy knits, but yes, you can have a hand on both styles- whatever suits your tastes.

Time to replace sleeves

Time to replace sleeves: One of the biggest trends of the season was the coming of gloves, which worked perfectly as the replacement to sleeves. After all, gloves work more like an accessory and offer a lot of different style choices for any kind of outfit, especially with the fall dresses and gowns. Gloves have been extensively seen at some of the major red carpet events, and even the best celebs are endorsing the trend, you have more reasons to get in the zone. Check online, and you will find many designs within the budget and worth the money.

Go for asymmetrical elements

Go for asymmetrical elements: Another trend that was spotted at Thakoon was asymmetrical styles. Here, the idea was not merely about the hemline alone, but there has been a lot of experimenting on the clothing elements at all levels. If you haven’t tried something beyond the A-line, this is the right time to go for a few more things for fall 2015. A small thing to note here is the use of accessories. Depending on what you choose to wear, some of the designs can be a complete pattern in their own ways, so avoid overdoing the accessories.

Show of the tail

Show of the tail: What about showing off the shirt or tee tail in detail for a look? Sounds experimental? Well, that’s what we have seen at some designers and many magazines have also covered the same. The idea is to balance the look of layering, and showing off the tail is a good way to get quick attention. Most girls will get this one right in no time, because all you need is the long shirt or any tee/tunic matched with a short sweater or even a skirt. This is a look that needs attitude, so make sure to walk in style.

We have more for your style guide in the next part of the series on fall 2015 ideas.

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