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Make a Fashion Statement without Fear

If you take a close look at the fashion scenario, earlier styles seem to be returning with a big bang. True, the majority is still hesitant to try them, fearing public ridicule. Nevertheless, they are gaining in popularity. To illustrate, flared jeans are being viewed as trendy apparel even in the 21st century, similar to the skin-tight pants that have been sported so regularly and faithfully across the globe in all these years. Flared jeans were tremendously popular amongst hippies back in the 1970s. Known as ‘flower children,’ they were idealistic about spreading peace and love in the world via distribution of flowers and floral themes. Obviously, their extreme sense of freedom and unconventional mindsets were not very well appreciated by society. Naturally, as the member of a contemporary society, you do not wish to be labelled as ‘hippie’ or ‘flower child’ by wearing flared jeans. Nevertheless, there are imaginative methods that you can resort to, in order to appear trendy, chic, classy, etc. You can click here to see the look for the latest trends for the shoes which is entirely  different from the retro era in the 70’s.

Make a Fashion Statement without Fear

Look closely at the fashionista to the left of the above picture. She is wearing black, flared jeans and a matching, full-sleeved, knitted top. True, the blanket scarf looks enormous, almost dwarfing the slim-looking sweater. Yet, the overall appearance is one of chic sophistication. This is known as ‘layering up.’ Alternatively, you may just wear a good-looking T-shirt and top it up with a motorcycle jacket. Sunglasses, matching handbag and high heels ensure that your overall appearance is vibrantly cool. For the extra casual look, just ditch the scarf, T-shirt, etc. Instead, don a long, knitted top and tuck one part of it into your pants. Leave the other part hanging out. A handbag with a long strap is the only accessory you will need, to carry off this style to perfection.

All right, if you are more comfortable with standard blue, you may imitate the fashionista in the centre of the image. She has worn a full-sleeved, denim shirt that sports buttons all the way up to the neck. The shirt is neatly tucked into the waistband of the jeans. This serves to accentuate the slimness of the waist. A brightly patterned cardigan shawl is draped around her shoulders. It supplies a brilliant patch of colour against a wholly blue background. If you have a vivid and colourful imagination, you might think that she would look wonderfully smart riding a horse, even with the high heels and hat!

Chambray shirts teamed with a jacket, slim belt and a wider hem at the bottom of the flared jeans are also great choices. Alternatively, you may go in for slouchy tops, fur vests and wide hems that almost reach the ground, similar to the fashionista in the third picture (on the right).

Admittedly, it is possible to make flared jeans suit every occasion, merely by choosing the right tops and shirts, as well as matching accessories. Onlookers will see a person with long legs, slim thighs and a trim waist. Your ‘fashion statement’ should serve as an inspiration to others.

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