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Maintaining Fashion- Guide to Deal With Stains on Clothes

At The House of Elegance Fashion, we like you to be stylish, and for that your fashionable clothing collection needs to be clean and stylish. Unfortunately, most of us deal with stains on our favourite clothes, and something like that happens to branded collection you own, there is nothing like having a solution. In this special post, we would talk of the common stains and how you can get rid of them to stay ever stylish!

Stain Cleaning

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·         Coffee and tea stains: Probably the most common stain you would come across is when you pour coffee or tea accidentally on the clothes. The first thing to do is to soak the fabric in hot water, which should take away the stains. When the stain is old and refuses to go with the regular washing, you can opt for a spot remover, which is easy to find in the market. However, check for the strength of the spot remover as many of the products can actually discolour the clothes.

·         Blood stains: Well, unless you are murderer or are in an accidental situation, it is less likely that you will get large stains of blood. Blood stains are more common with women, and like most others, you might be making the mistake of washing blood in hot water. Hot water actually makes blood get tougher for you to get rid of, and therefore, the best choice is to clean with chilling cold water. All you need to do is to make a mix of white vinegar and detergent to add to the water and soak the clothes for at least 30 minutes.

·         Red wine stains: It happens with many fashionistas at parties- red wine on the clothes! Don’t worry as you can clean the clothes easily with little salt of baking soda in the water. Just when you end up with red wine on your clothes, take a tissue and add some salt to the stain after draining the water. You can later on use white vinegar and detergent to soak the cloth in cold water for getting complete rid of the stains.

·         Chewing gum: Well, this is the most annoying of it all- having gum struck to the clothes, and more so when the gum is not yours. It may feel dirty and filthy to get it off with hands, but you have a simple solution right at home. Just take the fabric and put it in the freezer for a couple of hours. This will freeze the gum and you will be able to get rid of it with a simple knife (make sure you don’t cut the fabric). In case, the stain is still there, you can dab some white vinegar and soak the cloth in detergent water for at least an hour.

·         Juice stains: Nobody wants to look like a fruit salad, which often happens due to juice stains. Fruit and juice stains can be tough to get rid of, but all you need is white vinegar and detergent water to clean the surface. You can opt to soak the stain for 15 minutes before you rinse of.

Happy cleaning!


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