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Latest Fall Winter Trends for Hats in 2012

Hats are essentials for winters. No matter what you wear, hats are designed to augment your looks for the perfect chic appearance. Hats are not just for fashion, but with the right dress, you can feel much more comfortable in the chilly breeze than before. If you are looking for fall winter hat trends, your search ends here. In the next few lines, we will explore the styles that are trending on the ramp and runway.

Amish Hats: Wide brimmed hats or Amish hats are quite in fashion since ages. In fact, these hats look classy on men and women alike. Take a look at the hats adored by various models, and you will find that such hats look classy with modern and retro looks together. Try loose trousers along with blouses tied below your bosom and complete the look with a wide brimmed hat. If you are looking for branded Amish hats, check the massive collection from Gucci and Lanvin. Both brands have designs that can fit all kinds of outfits, including boots and skirts. Amish hats are the best ways to sport the retro style with ease.

Fedora hats: Well, fedora hats are classics like vintage wine. You might have checked many celebs sporting these hats, and in 2012, these hats are back in fashion. The best part of Fedora hats is the fact that you can style with the trend in any way you like. There are varied styles in varied designs that are often experimented with fedora hats, and the result lies in the collection that you get. Women can carry off these hats with varied men styled clothes such as trousers and formal wear.

Vintage hats: If you managed to check the Marc Jacobs’ fashion show, you might have seen the influence of vintage style. Needless to mention, vintage hats too made their way in the collection. The inspiration for Fall Winter fashion has been the same for many designers and brands. Many brands have highlighted the vintage style, which include the tiny vintage hats. What works for vintage hats is the fact that you can style up in a way you want. You can wear such hats with fur or evening gowns with equal ease. You may argue that the trend is not much popular, but try a few looks before you decide on this fashion statement.

No matter what your age may be, hats work with any kind of person. You can wear and look stylish with any outfit. Hats are popular because you can experiment with them to a large extent. You can try them with modern and ethnic outfits with equal ease. If you are looking forward for some classy style statements, invest in all the three trending hat types. It is most likely that you will fall in love with each of the styles as they all offer different looks for men and women. Check online to find the designer collection for Fall Winter, to know the use of hats in fashion. You will get addicted to collecting hats this season.

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