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Last Minute Trend Checks For Fall 2016 Handbags

The fall 2016 is officially on, and this is the right time to find some shopping ideas, especially with all those sale offers and deals happening both online and offline. If you are looking for accessories, probably you should consider getting a few new handbags. In this post, let’s try to uncover some of the best handbags of the season, straight from the runways of Fall 2016 collections.

Just outright boxy

Just outright boxy: Remember how the fall 2014 collections had those bucket shaped bags! Well, we have certainly moved ahead, and now we have the amazing boxy bags that seem to be totally worth owning. The versatile essence of the idea makes it more likeable, so you can carry one to work or even for a casual outing. Some of the designers you may want to check for a few ideas include Christian Siriano, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Olympia Le Tan. Add a nice boxy bag to your fall dress and complete the look with a decent pair of sneakers and a long outerwear.

Love for furry things

Love for furry things: If there has to be one material that actually has been extensively used in a number of collections, it is undoubtedly fur. Massively happening and totally in sync with the season, fur handbags are like first love! Of course, there are many of us who don’t actually like fur at all for animal welfare reasons, but there isn’t much that you will miss. Faux fur options are as good as natural fur, and if you are hunting for ideas, make sure that you check for fur trimmed and complete fur handbags. Some of the designers to check include Matthew Williamson, Misha Nonoo and Topshop Unique.

Chunky chains

Chunky chains: Chunky straps in chain structures were also one of the major highlights for fall 2016 handbags. The idea is to replace the lean chain metallic straps with more bulky straps that are made of Lucite or even plastic. There are many designers who worked with the idea and the results are greatly wondrous. Some of the designers you may want to check include Miu Miu, Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein Collection. While this idea seems more like a natural choice for casual outings, you can even carry such bags to work with the right balance.

Made in heaven

Made in heaven: Handbags that totally matched with the print, colour and theme of the outfit were one of the major things for the fall 2016. No wonder, this is probably the right idea for a designer investment, as long as you intend to get the outfit or ensemble, as well! Some of the designers worth checking for this idea include Alexander Wang, Tommy Hilfiger and Valentino.

Have fun this fall with some of these great inspiring handbag ideas!

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