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Keep Fashion in Style- Smart Closet Organizing Tips for Fashionistas

We have talked of the fashion trends, ideas and all those things that go in being the perfect fashion diva, but how often do you check how all the components of fashion are stored? In this particular post, we will just focus on maintaining the closet in the right away. Here’s your guide to keeping the essentials right and in the right places.

Closet Organizing Tips for Fashionistas

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Choose the needs of storage right: You may have the right closet for the clothes, but there are things like handbags, shoes, ties and lot more in the accessories that need special storage. If you need new wardrobes, chest of drawers, trunks and boxes, it is good to see where you will keep all of them rightly. Some of us are blessed to have a closet room, but in case you don’t have one, you have to see where the essential storage options can be kept.

Consider the walls and doors: Free walls of the house, mainly in the private spaces, can be great places to keep the shoes, hats and the small necklaces, chains you own. All you need to have is some hooks where you can hang things, and if you have a series of pockets readymade to be hung, you can choose to get the same for the walls. Ditto is true for the area behind the doors, where you can keep the shoes in pockets or have hooks for the coats, jackets and more. Hanging clothes and items you wear regularly in the open areas like walls and doors gives you the option to have quick access.

Get a few more wall shelves: Most of the walls of the home remain unused, especially the ones that are in the closet rooms and hallways. If you have shoe boxes and all other small accessories containers, those can be placed realty easy on the shelves. In case you have been inspired to get those pairs of Choo and Louboutin shoes, there is always an option to place them on shelves close to the wall for that complete display look.

Get additional lighting: Closet rooms, display shelves and all those places where you keep the fashion essentials need a lot of lighting. The first thing is how lighting can help in organization? Consider the days when you have to rush finding the clothes and other small pieces like earrings, necklaces and makeup stuff. This is where having some extra sources of light will help in putting the liner right and finding the essentials.

Get the clutter out: Many of the old shoes, clothes and all those stuffs are not needed anymore. As such, the more you keep the closet clean, the better! After every three and four months, check for the things that you don’t need to clear the clutter. There is no harm in giving away the clothes to the needy or even holding a yard sale where you can sell a few things to get a good amount of cash.

Starting styling right with better organization!


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