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Katy Perry’s Style Statements at a Glance

Katy Perry is one of the few fashionistas who is known for her smart use of dresses and accessories. She has a few signature styles that can be best described as enigmatic. We have listed the best styles from this stylish singer. Each of the style statements mentioned below is worth taking a chance.
Katy Perry Ring

  1. A dab of fresh sparkle in her looks- that’s Perry for you. There are many occasions where the singer has been seen in stylish cocktail rings. She is best known to wear studded cocktail rings in variety of styles. The funky look looks so appealing on her, and the best thing is she knows how to flaunt her rings. Next time, you hit the store; get some action with funky, sparkling rings.Katy Perry to Host Teen Choice Awards
  2. Cat eye sunglasses are definitely one thing that Katy Perry seems to be in love with. She is seen with cat eye sunglasses with red hot lip color, and she often combines the look with varied kinds of statement based jewelries. Whether she is wearing the right fitted shirts or is using high heels with fitted jeans, she knows the perfect way to use her cat eye sunglasses.Kate-Perry-Pin-up-Look
  3. The pin up girl look comes naturally to Katy, and she makes the use of the waist belt to accentuate the same. With any kind of fitted outfit, she takes the plunge of using a vibrant and unique belt to make the look go fully glamorous. With your pencil jeans, skirts and small knee length dresses, all you need is the right belt like Katy to get the look right.


  4. It is well known that Katy has an inclination towards the retro style, and the same reflects in the way she wears the colors. She knows to use the toughest style elements with unique and girl colors such as pink. She is seen in a lot of pink accessories, and if you like her, you need to get new accessories that have lots, lots and lots of pink.Katy Perry in Oxford Shoes
  5. Oxford shoes are huge hit in the market, and Katy often uses the same in black and white. All you need to worry about this style is the right matching of accessories and dress. If you can get all other things in place, you can hit the bull’s eye, just like Katy.Katy Perry Bracelet
  6. Katy is often known for the kind of bracelets and bangles she wears. The geometrical shapes are already a rage in the market, and no matter what kind of style statement you have, you can just not ignore Katy’s use of bangle bracelets. She is often seen wearing them in plastic or is often spotted wearing them in multiple colors.

Katy Perry is certainly one of the most popular fashion icons that we have today, and her styling is undeniably the best we have. If you love following fashion icons, you can check her different looks for a change and try incorporating some of her styles. You are in for a treat!

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