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Ideas to Wear the Best Sweaters of the Spring – Part 2

Sweaters are perfect choices for the spring in mind, and in our first part, we have already talked about some of the best ways to style the sweater for the freshest season of the year. Taking the same ahead, we are now looking ahead for some more ideas, so that your spring warmth looks better and fabulous than ever before.

Match it with skinny jeans

Match it with skinny jeans: If you think the sweater cannot take the central place in the entire look, you are quite mistaken. Usually, we look for sweaters that can be worn under the coat, but when you need the item to look more than a million bucks, there are some few ideas to do. Firstly, choose a colour that stands out. This can be a popup red or even the classic blue in your own ways. The idea is to go by the taste and liking you have. Secondly, match and complete the look with a nice pair of skinny denims. You can choose to go oversized with the sweater and balance the same with skinny denims or chinos.

Pair it with the shirt

Pair it with the shirt: The school like style is extremely great for the casual days, and you need almost nothing new with the sweater. Just get the blouse or shirt on and get the sweater on the top for a matched look. Keep in mind that the blouse can be a little loose, but the sweater can be all fun and little hugged to the body. The idea is to balance the look and ensure that you don’t look baggy and yet the statement is visible. Play with matching colours when you can, and the resultant look is quite fun.

Add an oversized bag

Add an oversized bag: Sweaters are mostly in need of some accessorizing, which is sad in many ways. You can consider adding an oversized bag, which can be best in contrast. An oversized bag is quite pleasing and can carry all your essentials at one place. Most women like the look when the sweater is coupled with a nice pair of fitted pants and a handbag, because we admire completely synced looks, and this is one of them.

Go the crop way

Go the crop way: The cropped sweater looks passionate on the dresses you have, and if you don’t have one, make an investment like you would do with a classic. Cropped designs look great almost any outfit that reaches the knee and is ideal for the spring, as well. Cropped sweaters also look essentially pretty on almost anything that’s on the pencil design, so a nice blouse, a pencil skirt and a matched sweater is a lethal combo to go by.

Sweater with moto jacket

Finally, you can also wear the spring sweater with your favourite biker or moto jacket as a good way to layering. Make sure to check with the spring colour trends we had talked sometime back, and given that the gingham has been fashionable for spring 2015, you might want to invest in the trend through a sweater, as well.

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