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How to Wear Spring Summer 2015 Trend of Fringes?

Did we mention some time back that fringes are easily among the most spotted trends of spring summer 2015? We have done guides that have told you what to wear, so we are now moving to how to wear series and the first one we are covering are fringes. Fringe is not an easy style to adopt. There are endless new styles out there, but only a few can manage to shape your body and accentuate it in the right way. Here are some cool ways to get started with this trend for SS2015.

Play it small

Play it small! If you have never tried fringes, the best way to move about with it is to play small. Ideally, accessories are best way to start. Find handbags and clutches that have the motif, and you can stay clear of too many elements together. Accessories make it easy to show off a trend, instead of going full fledged with the style; sometimes minimalism can be quite pleasing. Hobo bags, the tote designs are the easiest items to work with for starters.

Go for the intermediate styling

Go for the intermediate styling: Alright, when you are done with handbags and want to move a step further, the next best thing to get is smaller things that don’t exactly form a part of your own clothing. Yes, we are talking of stoles, skirts and scarves, which are even exciting to style. The good thing is your don’t need to match these fringe items to get it right. Skirts can be even trickier at this level, because you don’t want to overdo it, so a little presence of fringes can boost the entire look.

Get ahead like a pro

Get ahead like a pro: If you check a few of the online stores or some of the spring summer collections, you will find these full fringe skirts and outfits that require quite daring attitude to look right. So, when it comes to styling, there is a need for some careful balance. Start with one item, because going with this trend for more than one thing can be quite a clash, because the blend of elements can get wrong. Also, if you are keen on fringes and want to do more than just accessories, it is important to keep the other elements subdued for some poise.

Know your style: Fringe isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, so it’s always advisable to check a few images, find the right styles and shop for good accessories to get started. When you are wearing an outfit that works with this trend alone, keep your accessories to the minimal. Get genuine colours, and play it monochrome where possible. This only brings simplicity in the look, without confusing people on where to look. Keep in mind that fringe can take away the appeal from the face to the body, so it’s worthy to see that you are not highlighting the wrong places!

With some great designs coming from the runways this spring, we are sure, there is no dearth of choices for fashionistas- even those with a high nose!

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